10 Best Gifts for Single Moms

Best Gifts for Single Moms

Gifts for single moms often stretch themselves thin, working two or three jobs, spending hours on the road to shuttling the kids around for school and sports, not to mention trying to find a few moments for themselves. To others who do not have the experience of being a single mom, it can be extremely daunting, especially if they have never taken care of children on their own. So, it’s very important for single moms to find a balance between taking care of their families and taking time for themselves.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift to celebrate a single mom in your life, our collection of unique and thoughtful gifts is guaranteed to make an impression. Show the single mother in your life how much you appreciate her by spoiling her with something special. Items like pampering items or an engraved picture frame are sure to make her feel valued. Because no one knows the struggles of being a single parent better than another single parent, these gifts are guaranteed to take care of the mom in your life!

Check out our list best and unique gifts for single moms, and choose the right one that will address her needs and make her happy! After all, she deserves it, one hundred percent.

#1. Cash


Paying bills, buying clothes and food, caring for a child. Being a single mom means juggling many things at once – often times on one small income. So giving any extra help that’s needed – whether it’s $10 or $100 – will be appreciated greatly. This is a gift that is guaranteed to ease her burden, and in turn, help create a fun and peaceful holiday season for both her and her child.

#2. Gift Cards

Sometimes it’s hard to know what single moms may need so that is why gift cards are a perfect choice. You can purchase any gift card and have it sent via email or printed out to hand over to her. There are many different options when it comes to gift cards but I usually give gift cards like Amazon and Walmart gift cards because they can be used to buy so many items (toys, clothes, food, movies, etc.).

#3. Inspirational Books For Single Moms

Single moms are often overlooked but the truth is that they are an incredible breed of women who deserve a lot of credit for everything that they do. They do it all on their own, with no one else to share the challenges or the load. And being able to juggle all of a single mom’s roles and responsibilities is no easy task, to say the least.

Reading stories and experiences of successful single moms can definitely provide inspiration and motivation. They can also be cathartic and bring with them a lot of healing. If you come across or know a wonderful single parent story that inspires, share it with a single mom you know.

#4. Fresh Flowers

Gifts for single moms
fresh flower

Fresh flowers deliver thoughtfulness and generosity with a warm smile. The collection of flower bouquets, arrangements, and other options are thoughtful best gifts for single moms and can be delivered to her doorstep easily. Depending on which bouquet or arrangement you choose, she will find beautiful flowers upon opening the box. A fantastic gift for any occasion, she is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting her flowers.

#5. Makeup

We created this product specifically for moms who want to look and feel great, but they just don’t have the time or energy to shop the traditional way. We figured out how to curate a beauty box that solves all the pain points of their target audience and makes their life easier.

Makeup may seem, at first glance, to be a trivial gift. But it is actually an incredible best gifts for single moms because she deserves those little things and the simple pleasures.

#6. Skincare Products

Skincare products are one of the finest gifts for single moms. A well-curated set of skincare products means you are giving her the opportunity to maintain healthy, wrinkle-free skin and attend to her skin’s needs. It’s a super nice gift for any single mom who values self-care and wants to present her best self.

#7. Foot Massager

It is not easy for single moms to be on their feet for many hours of the day, but they will tough it out so that they can be there for their children and resolute that the family will endure. If this sounds like a mother you know, consider getting her a foot massager to help her soothe her tired feet at the end of each day.

Looking to show your love and appreciation for hard-working single moms? Give her the gift of foot massager so her tired and aching feet, caused by standing all day, are gently rubbed every night. We pretty sure this is one of the best gifts for single moms.

#8. Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is a big topic for any single mom. But, by paying attention to a few specifics, many situations that cause car repairs can be avoided. This app will help you address these specific needs and keep your budget in shape.

One of the best gifts for single moms is the gesture of helping them out with car maintenance. Be it a gift certificate for a yearly tune-up or paying for her next oil change, this is among the most practical and most thoughtful things that you can do for her. 

Autism Awareness Mom Life Messy Bun Bleached Gift For Mom T-Shirt

#9. Autism Awareness Mom Life T-Shirt

This shirt is a best gifts for single moms. Mothers’ Day is the holiday to show love, appreciation and honor to your mother. It also represents the maternal bond that a mother shares with her children. It gives us a chance to reflect on your mom’s significance in our lives and what she has done for us over the years. Wanna more, go Happyinktee

#10. Necklace

All single moms deserve to shine, and if there’s one woman in your life that you want to share the limelight with, it’s her! These thoughtful necklaces make a perfect gift for any special woman in your life who is doing it all on her own. Choose from uniquely designed necklaces that are sure to bring a tear to her eye with their beautiful craftsmanship. Buy from ETSY


Express your love and appreciation for the single mom in your life with one of these fabulous gifts. Help her ease the demands of motherhood with a practical item that she’ll use and treasure every day. Enjoy shopping for the perfect gift that you know will make this single mom delightfully happy.

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