A Closer Look At The Recent Turkey Earthquake 2023

Turkey earthquake
Turkey earthquake is a matter of concern recently. The total number of deaths in earthquakes in Turkey and Syria rose past the 16,000 on February 9, as rescuers rush against time to reach survivors.

Turkey has not experienced an earthquake of this magnitude in almost a century.

Experts claim that an earthquake’s effects are not solely dependent on its magnitude. Turkey’s historic structures are built in a way that makes them extremely vulnerable to earth shocks.

According to geologists, after a main earthquake, there will typically be smaller aftershocks, but it is highly rare to have two earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher within a short period of time.

Rescue workers are battling against time to discover survivors as the dead toll from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has risen to over 17,500.

According to authorities and medical personnel, there have been 14,351 and 3,162 deaths as a result of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, respectively. After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck early on February 6 in search of survivors, rescuers are still sifting through the debris

Turkey earthquake destroyed thousands of buildings, and while rescue attempts have been impeded by the freezing weather, it is unclear how many people are still trapped. The survivors had insufficient food and shelter, and some were helpless to hear family members screaming for assistance before they eventually stopped.

State media in Syria estimated that more than 298,000 people had lost their homes as a result of the earthquake and opened 180 shelters, ostensibly only referring to the regions under Damascus’ authority.

Survivors in some areas said they felt alone in the disaster response effort. Even buildings that don’t fall down sustain significant harm. Under the debris, there were more people than there were on the ground. Only 10 people were able to rescue the 400–500 persons who were trapped beneath each collapsed structure, and there were no machinery to help.

Thousands of rescuers have been searching for survivors during the two days and nights following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake while working in the freezing conditions.

Kerem Kinik, president of Turkey’s Red Crescent, warned that the first 72 hours were a crucial period for search and rescue efforts, but restricted by “time conditions” and “hard weather.”

Turkey had a second 5.6-magnitude earthquake in the morning of February 7. The same day, the Turkish president announced pray time in Turkey is a seven-day period of national mourning in honor of those who had died in the province of Kahramanmaras due to an earthquake.

Currently, Turkey and Syria are the recipients of support from a number of nations and international humanitarian groups in the form of food, medical care, and financial support.

On February 8, the European Commission said that Syria had requested assistance from the EU for the first time. The EU declared it would give Turkey and Syria more emergency humanitarian help worth 6.5 million euros ($7 million).

One of the seismically active regions in the globe is along the Turkish-Syrian border. The Turkey earthquake on February 6 was the most powerful Turkey had seen since the catastrophe in 1939 that killed 33,000 people. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake in 1999 resulted in the deaths of almost 17,000 people.

In a rebel-held part of Syria, a group of volunteers called the White Helmets, who are in charge of the rescue operations for those buried under the rubble, requested assistance from other countries. They reported Egypt deployed a group of technicians and medical professionals to help with rescue efforts and provide care for injured. The White Helmets will get £800,000 ($968,000) in aid from Britain today.

On February 8, President Erdogan visited Hatay province – the area hardest hit by the earthquake. Here, Mr. Erdogan admitted that Turkey earthquake reaction had been ineffective and said that Ankara had not been prepared for such a serious tragedy.

Turkey earthquake has left great damage to the people of Turkey and currently, thousands of people have died and many thousands more are injured or missing. Therefore, the thing that people all around the earth can do is pray for Turkey.

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Turkey earthquake caused hundreds of people hurt or dead, and numerous structures were either destroyed or severely damaged. This tragedy serves as a warning to be ready for future disasters and is just one example of how strong earthquakes may be. Pray for Turkey.

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