Cat Scratch: Treatment And Vaccinations You Need To Know

Cat Scratch

Is cat scratch dangerous? Is being bitten by a bleeding cat require vaccination? These are issues that are receiving a lot of attention. Injuries caused by domestic pets can have many potential health risks. If readers are also having the same concerns about the above issues, do not miss the article below.

Is it dangerous to be scratched by a cat?

Many people are often subjective when being scratched by a cat, especially if it is just a skin scratch. However, according to experts, people who are scratched by cats may be at risk of Bartonella henselae infection. Although Bartonella henselae is a rare medical condition, once infected, health will be negatively affected, especially for people with weakened immune systems.

Some of the typical symptoms of Bartonella Henselae infection include swelling, redness at the scratch area, swollen lymph nodes that last about seven to twelve days, low-grade fever, body fatigue, and pain. muscle aches.

Therefore, if you are scratched by a cat, especially a kitten, you should take the time to monitor your health and go to the hospital as soon as you detect unusual signs in your body.

How many days does a cat scratch track?

Many people wonder how many days when being cat scratch, they need to monitor their health status for how many days. This monitoring can help you avoid the risk of infection with harmful bacteria and viruses from pets, especially in the case of pets suspected of having rabies.

According to experts, most pathogenic bacteria and viruses that exist in the cat’s body have a fairly long incubation period, possibly from 7 to 30 days. Therefore, when being scratched by a cat, you should monitor your health for about a week to half a month. If you detect any changes to your body, especially if the scratch is bleeding or swollen, you should visit the nearest medical facility for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Is being bitten by a bleeding cat require vaccination?

When cats attack us, their sharp teeth easily pierce the skin, leaving deep wounds and bleeding. These skin lesions create conditions for bacteria from the cat’s mouth to attack and enter the body. Many experts consider cat bites more dangerous than other animals because cats contain many types of pathogens, such as Pasteurella multocida or even rabies.

Among the problems associated with handling cat bites, many people worry about whether they need to be vaccinated when a bleeding cat bites them. According to doctors, it is best to get vaccinated to prevent health risks from being affected. Usually, vaccinations can include anti-tetanus and anti-inflammatory drugs. The schedule of vaccinations as well as the number of injections will be specifically advised by the doctor when you visit for cat scratch treatment.

How to handle when being scratched by a cat

When being cat scratch, you can apply some of the following measures:

  • Put the cat in a cage and monitor their health for about 7 to 30 days to make sure they don’t have rabies.
  • Use cold water and antibacterial soap to clean the scratch. If the scratch causes bleeding, you can use alcohol and potassium permanganate to disinfect it. Never let other pets in the house lick your wounds.
  • Keep the wound dry and clean during the treatment days. If you feel pain and swelling, you can try some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. However, don’t rely too much on these drugs.
  • Use topical ointments such as Neosporin as these contain myosin, an antibiotic that is effective in wound healing and does not leave scars. You should use it at least three times per day. If the scratch is not too deep, you should not take additional oral antibiotics.
  • Monitor your health for the next 7 days. If you experience symptoms such as swelling or a low-grade fever, you should seek medical attention.

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Cat Scratch

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The above article hopes to have brought readers more useful information related to the issue of “Is cat scratch dangerous?”. Pets and pets in the family can have many potential health risks, especially when you are attacked by them. Therefore, the knowledge of first aid and care always plays an important role in ensuring the health and quality of life for you and your loved ones!

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