Top 5 destinations for the best fall vacation in the US

best fall vacation in the us

Each season in the United States has its own beauty, but surely autumn here is the best fall vacation in the US to go and get into people’s hearts. In Autumn, from September to November, the space simultaneously changes to the beautiful red and yellow of the trees, and the scene becomes magical and charming. This is an extremely suitable time for tourists who want to experience the nature of this most developed country in the world.

Not as hot and sultry as summer nor as cold as winter, perhaps autumn is the most popular season. The autumn weather is cool, and the fresh air is very convenient for traveling and sightseeing. Happyinktee would like to suggest 5 extremely attractive tourist destinations for the best fall vacation in the US in the following autumn and winter!

1. New York City: the best places to visit in fall USA

Traveling for the best fall vacation in the US, of course, cannot miss the opportunity to visit New York City. Gentle, charming, and peaceful are what you will feel about New York’s nature when this city puts on an autumn pond full of vibrant orange, yellow, and red colors. A trip to New York in the fall will bring you extremely interesting experiences. Because you can not only see autumn in many famous places but also freely take beautiful photos.

In New York City- one of the best places to visit in October in USA, there are many famous scenic spots for you to explore such as Central Park, Hudson Valley, New York Botanical Garden, Bear Mountain State Park, Wave Hill… Please refer to the original version. map to plan exploration and play accordingly.

2. San Francisco

San Francisco is a city where you can travel in any season of the year. Coming to San Francisco, you will not be able to help but be mesmerized by the sight of seagulls flying in the sea or the magnificent beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more. In particular, in the fall, you can also leisurely stroll on the golden leaf roads, visit famous parks, and participate in many interesting outdoor activities.

In addition to the Golden Gate Bridge, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the best fall vacation in the US in San Francisco at other places such as the Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz Prison, ride a cable car around the city, and the marina … Besides, the check-in. San Francisco’s top beaches and sunrise or sunset are also something you should do.

best fall vacation in the us

3. Maine

Autumn in Maine not only is most famous for the magnificent scenery in the national parks but also is the best fall vacation in the US. You can go to Acadia National Park – one of the 10 most beautiful national parks in the US to admire the Maine autumn scene and participate in many different outdoor activities. There are many reasons for you to come to Acadia such as: watching the sunrise, watching the trees in autumn coats reflect on Eagle Lake, hiking through the forest…

In addition to exploring the beautiful scenery, don’t forget to take the time to shop and enjoy Maine delicacies. You will not be able to find luxury brands in Maine but in return, you will be immersed in a paradise of handmade goods, designer goods or retro furniture, antiques…

4. Colorado

The peak of fall in Colorado is usually from mid-September to mid-October and can vary from year to year. It is known that Colorado is home to the largest number of gongs in the United States, so the autumn scene here is also somewhat different. The autumn peak is usually short, and then the leaves begin to fall. In this season, you can see yellow and red leaves anywhere, but the mountainous areas in the suburbs have the most beautiful scenery.

If you go hiking in the fall in Colorado, you’re sure to get lots of great photos. However, in the fall, the temperature in Colorado drops, the higher the climb, the colder it is and there is even snow on the top of the mountain. Therefore, you need to bring a thermal jacket and other necessary items for a smooth trip!

best fall vacation in the us

5. Connecticut

In the fall, the southern part of Connecticut is filled with brilliant yellow-leaf forests, rolling hills, and romantic views of the Housatonic River are also dotted with poetic yellows, oranges, and reds. Particularly in the cities of the state, you can also clearly feel the autumn flavor wafting through the streets, no matter how far you walk, you can hunt for beautiful photos.

Fall outdoor activities in Connecticut are varied and often unrestricted. Because the autumn weather is always cool, it does not interfere with fun activities to explore. You can participate in kayaking, trekking, hiking, camping, cycling…

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When the weather turns to autumn, the land of flowers and flowers puts on a colorful red, yellow, and orange shirt everywhere, from the city to the countryside in the remote suburbs. Traveling the best fall vacation in the US in this way will help you feel more clearly about the best fall vacation in the US and be spoiled. Take photos to check in, and enjoy autumn specialties with the best fall vacation in the US.