Necessary Tools When Fishing

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Fishing is always an interesting entertainment with many subjects. Choosing the right tools is the key to making fishing more successful.

1. Fishing rod

The soaked fishing rod has a length of 1.5m to 2m made of old bamboo trunks or smooth bamboo branches. The root should only be about the size of a thumb, and the softer the tip the better. With this type of rod, it is also cheap to buy, but you should not buy a lot.

Fishing rod: For big fish in the field such as snakehead fish, and cotton fish (cotton snakehead fish), we have to use a fishing rod. Because these large fish live in deep fields, and large ponds and this tool must have a length of five or six meters or more. On the other hand, as you know, snakehead fish, although large, are shy, so they do not live near the shore during the day, but feed far from the shore. 

2. Fishing line

In the past, when fishing in the field, my grandparents used a rope or silk thread, the fabric was folded into two or three strands, and then tried to twist into a strong enough thread to fish perch, tea trees, catfish, carp … That thread is still durable, but due to being soaked in water for a long time, it is easy to rot. Nowadays, anglers do not have to worry about that anymore, because foreign markets always sell many types of imported this tool, large or small, and buy long or short as much as possible. 


3. Fishing hook

Field fish and river fish have many sizes, so the hook is the same. Because if you want to fish any kind of fish, you have to use a suitable hook to catch it, no one goes fishing for a perch but uses a snakehead hook before. In the past, the hook was bent manually, ie bending each. one with rudimentary tools such as pliers, files… At that time, saw blades, whether small or large, were bent by brass, and later bent by steel.

4. Fishing lead

This tool plays an important role. It drags the bait to sink deep into the water at a shallow distance, as deep as it wants. The lead keeps the bait close to the bottom, and if you want to fish in the middle, adjust the lead so that the bait is suspended, so that the fish can easily see the bait and come to eat. So, without a lead, the bait will be pushed up by the force of the water, or drift with the current, so it is difficult for the bait to reach the fish’s mouth.

5. Floats

Fishing requires the use of a float. A buoy is a lightweight porous object that floats on the surface of the water, attached to a fishing line. Only the plug, click, and drag fishing does not need a float. If you choose the location of fishing in the river, many people do not need it. Normally, the float lies dormant on the water, only when the fish comes to eat the bait, it will move. 

6. Fish basket

Perhaps in this world, no one fisher forgets to bring a fish basket, because when carrying a fishing rod, everyone hopes to be lucky. Any fish you catch is put in a basket immediately, and hope to keep them alive for a long time, at least come home. For fishers usually don’t need to carry a basket of fish. Because the fish is a big snakehead fish, when they catch it, they use a gill strip to pierce the gills and temporarily put it somewhere.


7. Bait cans

Bait can is something we can make and use. What is required is that the bait cans must have a lid so that live bait such as worms, and crickets … can’t get out inside, and the ghost ants outside also have no way to get in. Large or small bait cans depend on the amount of bait that needs to be brought with you more or less, whether the time is long or fast. It is recommended to bring excess bait with the required quantity because if you miss half of it, it will be considered a loss of the whole session.

8. Fishing hook case

Anyone fisher also has to buy many hooks to use gradually, the hook is inherently made of steel, and prone to lightning, so it must have its own box. When fishing, fisher often loses hooks. This is something no one wants but rarely avoids. There are two main causes of a lost hook. One is that the tongue gets caught in the underwater obstacles, and the other is because the fish bites off the fish and swallows the hook into the stomach.

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