The greatest tips for the first day of preschool

first day of preschool

A long summer is over, let’s start to make a plan to be ready for back to school on the first day of preschool. Following the article to know what are the greatest 8 tips for the first day of preschool to have a happy first day back to school.

1. Buy new supplies for back to school

Shopping for school supplies, textbooks, and new clothes together is a great way to get kids excited about the first day of preschool after their special “summer” break in 2023. They’re sure to love it. Enjoy this special gift. This is also a time to help parents bond and learn about their children’s interests.

Let your child choose freely, even if it seems more than necessary. The first day of preschool activities – preparing school supplies is often heavily discounted at the beginning of the school year, especially on online shopping sites. Children need to change their school supplies continuously during the school year. Therefore, you can buy these necessary supplies on the first day of preschool with your children during the discount period to save costs.

first day of preschool

2. Review old knowledge with children

Although this vacation is quite short, parents should not be subjective! Let’s review the knowledge from the old school year together, read the first part of the new textbook is the first day of preschool tips to make the children not feel strange. This will help prevent the child from being surprised when they return to the classroom, boosting their confidence and helping them understand the lesson better. Textbooks are constantly changing and updating.

In order for the child not to have difficulty absorbing new knowledge, parents should buy interesting picture books, bilingual fairy tales, and comics about famous characters related to the learning program and explore with them. various forms of education. Your baby won’t get bored easily, and you can also enjoy the teaching process.

3. Provide adequate nutrition for children

A child’s schedule after the first day of school will of course change. Children are quickly tired of the amount of new knowledge and common time at school. Therefore, every day parents need to prepare breakfast for their children with necessary nutrients such as starch, protein, calcium, fiber, and sugar from fresh fruit… Pack a beautifully decorated lunch to stimulate and enjoy the child’s appetite during breaks. In the evening, welcome home with a warm meal with the whole family.

4. Get your uniforms and books ready

Don’t let the first day of preschool begin with a chaotic scene when your child can’t find the clothes or essentials. Parents should teach children the habit of tidying up their belongings from the night before, preparing a full bag of books, and hanging uniforms in order for them to change their clothes in the morning easily.

On the first day of preschool, to prevent your child from falling asleep past school hours, teach your child how to set his or her own daily alarm. The trick here is to offer a “reward” for being on time for school and a small “punishment” for being late. You can set up a competition game to stimulate the child’s aggressiveness and help him build a punctual and careful lifestyle.

5. Design the appropriate study space

To motivate children in the new term, a learning space at home is very important. The space should be designed with sufficient natural light; Light colors make children’s eyes comfortable. Parents can add some potted plants or green decorative motifs, bringing natural elements into the room. Desks and chairs require a height and width appropriate for the child’s size. Involve your child in decorating the learning space according to their interests to develop their individuality.

first day of preschool

6. Teach children the habit of going to bed early

The first day of school always includes many activities such as saluting the flag; opening speech; getting class; introducing the school year… If children do not go to bed early and get enough sleep the night of the first day of preschool, children will feel tired, unable to concentrate, and easily fall asleep at school. The habit of going to bed early should be established at least 2 weeks before the start of the school day. This will help your child adjust to the new schedule. During this two-week trial, parents and children could adjust family rhythms and build good habits that make mornings more pleasant for everyone.

7. Soothe children’s psyche before the first day of preschool

Going back to school can make children feel depressed and insecure. Because children are not used to the new classroom atmosphere; not having fun, sleeping “baking” in the morning, and living comfortably like on vacation. To ease the child’s psychology before the first day of school, parents should try to talk; share school memories; Review old photo albums with children to create a good impression of the new school year. You can buy your child a gift that he or she likes (a teddy bear, a car, school tools, etc.) to motivate them to study on the first day of school.

8. Giving some gifts to support children

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Here are some important things to keep in mind for children on the first day of preschool that Happyinktee share with you. Parents should train their children to prepare all the necessary items. This helps to promote self-confidence and build good habits for children every day. Don’t forget to double-check so your child’s new school year starts off on a good note!