The Origin and Meaning of the Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival of the year. However, not everyone understands the origin and meaning of the Lunar New Year. The following Happyinktee article will give you useful information about this traditional Lunar New Year!

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is the most important and meaningful Lunar New Year celebration in the whole world.

Lunar New Year is calculated according to the lunar calendar, later than the New Year (or Western New Year). Due to the rule of 3 leap years and a month of the lunar calendar, the first day of the Lunar New Year is never before January 21 of the solar calendar and after February 19 of the solar calendar, but usually falls in the middle of these days.

The time of annual Lunar New Year usually lasts about 7-8 days at the end of the old year and the first 7 days of the new year.

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Origin of  Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is not only the transition period between the old year and the new lunar year, but it also contains many spiritual and cultural meanings,… According to the Eastern concept, this is the time when heaven and earth have reconciliation and humans become close to the gods.

The old Lunar New Year was an occasion for farmers to pay their respects to gods such as the Earth god, Rain god, Thunder god, Water god, and Sun god, … and pray for a year of favorable rain and wind, and abundant crops.

The meaning of the Lunar New Year

Besides, this is also considered a “refreshing” day, a day where people can hope for a peaceful, prosperous, and favorable new year for the whole year and put aside all bad luck in the old year. Therefore, on Lunar New Year, every house is busy cleaning, shopping, and decorating the house beautifully.

This is also an opportunity for people to renew emotionally and spiritually so that the relationship with their loved ones is closer, and the spirit is more comfortable and joyful. During the lunar new year, families often gather to wish each other New Year’s Eve, light incense sticks together in memory of their grandparents and ancestors and thank them for their blessing over the past year.

How do Americans celebrate the lunar new year?

January 1 is New Year’s Day, America has a day off and they usually “drink” but not “eat”. Come with your friends and family once to the US to experience the new year atmosphere here.

Despite differences in geography as well as traditions and cultures, at the moment of transition between the old year and the new year, the whole world is eagerly waiting for a new beginning with many hopes and beliefs. America is a large continent with many ethnic groups living, so the customs of welcoming the new year of the countries here are also very special… and America is the most typical.

January 1 is Western New Year, the United States has a day off to welcome this important event. Usually, Americans will have a holiday combined with Friday and Saturday and in total, they have 3 days of the new year – a fairly modest number. Before the turn of the year, Americans did not “eat” but “drink”. They can sit in pubs or gather indoors in front of screens, watching the clock count down to the last moments of the old year left. If in New York, they can squeeze in Times Squares, waiting directly for the ball to fall like the dot of the old year to transition into the new year in the glow of fireworks. In the meantime, there are also some singing shows with famous singers.

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At midnight of December 31, thousands of Americans gathered in Times Square. They stood side by side waiting for the first moment of the new year. When everyone shouts to count the seconds, finally, a beautiful shimmering glass ball, containing thousands of pieces of glass representing the burning stars shining through the darkness of the old year, falls. The moment the ball hits the ground is the moment when people chant New Year’s greetings: “Happy New Year!” and sang in unison the wonderful melodies of the traditional song “Auld Lang Syne” and threw colorful pieces of paper into the sky.

Interestingly, on New Year’s Eve, many people wear special costumes and eat special foods. Those who want to find true love often wear yellow clothes, and those who hope to make a lot of money wear silver. Others welcome the new year with delicious meals. But there is a point that not everyone knows that Americans eat cabbage in the hope that it will bring them… luck and money.

After dancing to welcome the new year, they enter the party with dishes that Americans believe will bring good luck at the end of the year.

In the New Year, Americans often visit family, relatives, and friends or organize a meal… However, the first day of the new year is always a rather quiet day for many Americans. They often stay at home with their loved ones throughout the day to make up for the busy days and look forward to a new year filled with more love for their family.

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Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood more about the Lunar New Year. Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

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