Traveling shirt & Beautiful outfits for the upcoming journey

traveling shirt

While we seek unique experiences and new spaces, choosing travel outfits has also become an important part of highlighting our journey. Join Happyinktee to discover a beautiful traveling shirt and outstanding outfit suggestions to make you more confident on every journey!

traveling shirt

Coordinate travel outfits for men to stand out

Refer to how to coordinate travel clothes for men to suit each season.

1. Tank top and shorts

A tank top and shorts are a comfortable and travel-friendly combination. Tank tops are a very common and popular outfit in the summer. Made from breathable material, the tank top helps the wearer feel comfortable and cool on hot days. Coordinate with men’s shorts It also helps the wearer move easily and create comfort. 

2. T-shirt with patterned shorts

Combining a T-shirt and patterned shorts is a very suitable choice for those who like comfort and freedom during their travels. A simple outfit, but still enough to help you stand out. However, when wearing patterned T-shirts and shorts, you need to pay attention to the color and pattern of each clothing item. 

3. Patterned beach shirt mixed with shorts

A patterned beach shirt combined with shorts is a great and suitable choice when traveling. Beach shirts with fun, dynamic patterns will help you stand out more when participating in recreational activities on the beach. Paired with shorts, you will feel comfortable and at ease when moving, and participating in tourism and sports activities at sea.

4. Combine short-sleeved shirts with jeans/khakis

When traveling, combining short-sleeved shirts with jeans is a quite popular style and is favored by many people because of the ease and practicality of this outfit. This is a simple combination, but still ensures you a polite and luxurious fashion style.

5. T-shirt combined with denim jacket and sneakers

A T-shirt combined with a denim jacket and sneakers is a popular and convenient combination when traveling. T-shirts are easy to wear and make you feel comfortable. You can choose T-shirts with designs and colors that suit your style and preferences. When combined with a denim jacket, you can create a sporty and cool look.

6. Sweater with a long coat

Nowadays, it can be seen that many men prefer to combine sweaters and long coats when traveling. This is a simple and convenient choice because these items are easy to buy and can be found at most men’s fashion stores. Combining color tones and designs is not too complicated to suit each person’s body shape and personality.

7. Bomber jacket, jeans and sweatshirt

To create a “dusty” and extremely fashionable style for traveling, men can choose bomber jackets, jeans and sweatshirts. This style is usually for young people. Depending on each person’s personality and style, you can choose the most suitable color tone and pattern to increase the appeal and prominence of your outfit.

8. Traveling shirt with sweater outside

Many people are hunting for ways to coordinate clothes for men when traveling and currently, the way to combine shirts with sweaters is very popular. This fashion gives men a youthful, liberal, and modern look.

In particular, with shirts, you can move and exercise comfortably in winter weather, creating an interesting and exciting trip.

How to coordinate clothes when traveling actively for women

Beautiful and simple outfits for women when traveling in the summer.

traveling shirt 1

1. Traveling shirt combined with active shorts

T-shirts combined with shorts are a dynamic, comfortable outfit that is very suitable for moving, exploring, and visiting tourist destinations. This set of clothes is dynamic, comfortable, and easy to move in different activities. But if you go to colder climates, you need to adjust your clothing accordingly.

2. Traveling shirt with a unique skirt

Wearing a T-shirt with a stylish skirt is a quite popular and comfortable fashion style for women to wear when traveling. Depending on your destination, you can choose a short or long skirt. Just be suitable for the weather and activities you will participate in while traveling.

T-shirts, especially cotton T-shirts, are a popular choice and are very comfortable to wear. At the same time, this accessory also helps you keep warm when you feel cold. 

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3. Maxi dress with a wide-brimmed hat

A maxi dress combined with a wide-brimmed hat is a fashionable and luxurious outfit when mixing travel clothes. The maxi dress has a long and comfortable design, helping you feel comfortable and at ease throughout a long day of sightseeing. Wide-brimmed hats help shade and protect the face from the sun’s rays, while also creating a trendy and stylish look.

4. Combine off-the-shoulder shirts with skirts

An off-the-shoulder shirt combined with a skirt is a fashionable and outstanding outfit, suitable for travel coordination. Off-the-shoulder shirts create a stylish and fashionable look, while also being very comfortable and pleasant when moving or sightseeing.

Skirts are quite a versatile choice. You can choose an ankle-length skirt or a short skirt depending on the activity and the tourist area you visit.

5. Light, feminine dress

If you like feminine style and want to wear a light dress when traveling, it is the perfect choice. Lightweight sheath dresses are not only a suitable choice for feminine style and summer travel, but also bring comfort to you when moving and sightseeing. When choosing a dress mixed with travel clothes, you should choose materials that are light, airy, and easy to wash.

6. Overalls mixed with t-shirt

Overalls and t-shirts are a very comfortable, comfortable outfit, creating a very stylish and trendy look. If you have a petite figure, you should choose overalls of moderate length to show off your legs. If you travel during the summer, you should choose overalls and t-shirts made from breathable materials to feel comfortable and at ease.

7. Crop top with skirt/jeans

You can combine a crop top with a midi or maxi skirt, depending on the theme and purpose of your trip. These long skirts will help you conceal your flaws while creating balance with a crop top. If you mix it with jeans, you should choose a pair of tight pants to create balance with your upper body. 


The above article has revealed the most beautiful travel outfits for men and women. Happyinktee shares will help you choose comfortable and fashionable items. Follow the website to read more useful articles about fashion.