Untested Legends About Halloween Festival

Halloween festival

Today’s Halloween festival originates from the Celts, a people who lived more than 2,000 years ago in the lands that are now England, Ireland, and northern France.

Halloween festival

The Legend of Halloween Festival – jack o lantern festival

According to Irish legend, the word “Jack-ó-lanterns” came from a man named Jack. Jack is a dead teenager but his soul is not allowed to enter Heaven for a reason: when he was alive, he was a greedy, miserly person, often hiding money, stingy never giving to anyone. a little something. But he couldn’t go to Hell because he used to play with the devil when he was alive, so the devil didn’t catch him.

The story goes that: one day a demon came to disturb a residential area, unfortunately being alarmed, people came to ask for help from the monks to bring holy objects to “cover” and “lock the doors”. So the demon was caught… Jack realized it was the demon that often played with him and Jack tried to remove the “devil’s curse” to open the way for the demon to escape.

In return for saving his life, the devil promised Jack that he would not take Jack’s soul to Hell. Therefore, when Jack died from an accident, Jack’s soul was rejected by Heaven. Jack immediately went to Hell, but the devil didn’t let him in… because of his previous promise. Seeing that Jack was cold and miserable, the devil took some embers from Hell and put a pumpkin inside, and gave it to Jack to warm up… on the way back to Earth. To let the air feed the fire so Jack punctured the pumpkin, which shinning for illuminating Jack’s wandering path. Maybe Jack must take the lamp to roam the earth until the last judgment day of mankind.

Meaning of Halloween

In terms of education, Jack’s actions and life have become experiences for youth to draw a human lesson, that is: Live should not be greedy, stingy, stingy, must have charity, know how to help the needy, should not play with the devil. Demons are understood figuratively as tricks, threats, making others afraid, mischievous deeds created by the intelligence and imagination of youth, sometimes harming people and society. … Playing and socializing with the devil will easily be tempted to go into darkness and sin.

Jack is an imaginary character but has actually embodied in life, as a human… but a lonely person. When he died, Jack became a ghost, with no place to live, Heaven and Hell both refused. On that day, Jack can live comfortably, because the living have disguised as demons so that Jack’s soul can blend in to avoid loneliness. This is the human meaning of Halloween.

Pumpkin icon

According to Irish legends, an alcoholic named Sting Jack stole things in a village and was chased by the people. Jack runs away, and on the way he meets a demon sent to take his soul away. But, Jack tricked the demon into climbing the apple tree and refused to let it down.

The demon begged Jack but he made the demon swear that he would never take his soul. Later when he was old, Jack died, but his soul could not go to heaven because of his sins, and hell had no place for his soul because of the demon’s oath. Therefore, Jack’s soul wanders the earth.

There is an ember that never goes out that he was given by the devil to light his way in the dark, he put the ember in the hollowed-out turnip so he could see the way. Later when immigrating to the US, the Irish turned the pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern with a creepy human face carved with a candle lit inside. So Halloween Day also is called the great pumpkin festival.

Halloween festival

The Story of the Pomona Apple

The apple tree has long been associated with the goddess of immortality and wisdom. If you cut an apple horizontally, it will reveal a 5-pointed star, symbolizing the goddess in ancient European beliefs. Pomona apples are apples that are dropped in a basin of water, or on a string. Young men who reach the age of millet try to get the apple and whoever can do it will be the one to get married soon.

Halloween festival customs

“Trick Or Treat” This is the main activity of most children and teenagers in the United States on Halloween festival. “Trick” originally means trick, naughty ghost game: “Treat” is to welcome, treat kindly, and entertain. Children and teenagers, young people dress up with clothes and masks of ghosts, then carry lanterns from house to house in the neighborhood, knock on doors and say “trick or treat.” This sentence means: “If you want us to not play bad, then treat us to something.” Normally, neighbors always want to avoid “tricks” meaning playing tricks, so they often give them candy and fruit.

In the 9th century, on November 2 every year and also a day of intercession for the souls, parishioners often dressed like beggars and went from village to village asking for symbolic crumbs of food to nourish the soul. The parishioners believe that these prayers will help the souls of their loved ones who are still stuck somewhere to go to heaven.

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The Halloween festival is known for turning people into ghosts and participating in activities throughout the festive season. However, it is the creepy ghost legends and interesting meanings that are the most attractive thing about the Halloween festival. Follow Happyinktee now Happyinktee for more information about this Halloween festival.