Top 7 birthday ideas and Special Gifts for your lover

birthday ideas

Mostly, guys are bad at giving surprises to their lovers. Considering this, we have come up with a few unique birthday ideas to surprise your girl on her birthday.

So guys, don’t panic if you are running out of top birthday ideas regarding ways to surprise your girl on her birthday. Consider the following top romantic and wonderful surprise birthday ideas in this Happyinktee‘s article.

1. Bubbles

There are many birthday party ideas to surprise your lover with balloons, like:

  • Attach beautiful pictures of her or both of you to the balloons
  • Simply leave all the balloons on the floor
  • Decorate the ceiling with balloons

2. Rose Petals And Candlesticks

There is nothing more romantic than roses and candles. Roses have been known as symbols of love and beauty since time immemorial. That’s why they’re always an essential part of the surprise. But, the uses of these beautiful flowers and candles are not limited to just showing love or enhancing the beauty of a place. Take another chance to propose to her on her special day with rose petals and candles.

3. Suprise music

Things that cannot be expressed in words are made better with songs. Surprise her by inviting a professional guitarist to the house and make the anniversary a little extra special with a musical surprise is most birthday ideas for lovers. The moment your sweetheart shows up, the guitarist will tune in to the songs of your choice and wish your special someone with a cake and bouquet of roses.

4. Celebrate a birthday party 

If you’ve ever watched Korean romantic and romantic movies, you’ll see that directors often choose the beach as a place to express affection between lovers. Your job is to prepare balloons and candles arranged in a left shape. heart, rose petals are arranged in the middle to form the word I LOVE YOU… Wind, sea, flowers, and your love create a romantic space that will make the other half very grateful to you. This is one of the most birthday ideas that almost of couples do on birthdays.

birthday decoration ideas

5. Fun outdoor birthday ideas party

Your other half is a nature lover who loves to go for walks. So some outdoor birthday ideas with lots of trees, melodious music, a dining table, wine, food, cake, flashing lights … will create an unforgettable moment for her. You remember to prepare her more white dress and at that moment she is your little princess.

6. Cook a hearty meal for your partner

Usually the other half cooks for you. Why can’t you teach yourself some of her favorite dishes to cook for her on this big day? There is nothing happier than when you cook her favorite food with your own hands, and remember to prepare more cakes and gifts. Surely your other half will be extremely touched.

7. Romantic dinner

It could be a restaurant that you and she usually go to, or it could be a fancy restaurant specializing in birthday parties. There will be everything for you to surprise her. Every girl loves romance, so your job can prepare teddy bears and roses … sure she will be very happy.

birthday party ideas

What should you give for your lover’s birthday?


Pets are a very meaningful birthday gift, suitable for those who have a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves animals. This is a gift that not only surprises you but also makes your other half extremely happy.

Couple necklace

This is a gift that couples choose a lot for birthdays. Especially the necklace is extremely loved by women. When choosing this gift, you should choose a pair of 2 identical pieces (each person wears a string) or a necklace with a separate symbol for the other half to show your affection for the other person.

Couple shoes

Shoes are also one of the birthday gifts that couples choose a lot. This is a gift that is not only meaningful, delicate but also very practical. Because shoes are something we always use every day.

Pay attention when choosing shoes as a gift, you should choose the right style, color and size for the other person (your lover). If possible, choose a pair of shoes to be able to walk together when walking together.

Couple clothes

If there is a pair of necklaces and a pair of shoes, the birthday gift for the lover that cannot be ignored is a pair of clothes. Wearing a couple’s clothes has become a trend chosen by many couples.

You can order a couple of suits for two people or buy a ready-made pair to show your love for your other half. This gift is sure to make the other person very pleased when you also wear the outfit that you sometimes give gifts to.

Big And Little Spoon Funny Matching Couples Shirt

Matching T-Shirt couple for a Happy Birthday gift.


Big And Little Spoon Funny Matching Couples Shirt
Dad Mom Bluey Shirt Couple T Shirt 2

Dad Mom Bluey Shirt, Couple T-Shirt

Cute and cartoon T-shirt to be a monthly birthday gift for the couple.


18 Years Old Of Being Awesome Birthday Gift Decorations T-Shirt

Interesting 18-year-old birthday gift.


18 Years Old Of Being Awesome Birthday Gift Decorations T Shirt 3

You can read more at >> Couple Gifts – Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples.

Homemade handmade items

Besides expensive items, what is simple and sincere is still the most meaningful gift. If you want to make your own birthday gifts for your lover, homemade handmade items are a perfect choice.

Items such as keychains, notebooks, flowers, etc. are beautifully handcrafted, you can buy materials to make your own.


With unique birthday ideas to organize a surprise birthday party for your other half, it will definitely show your sincerity and intense love for your other half. She will be touched and keep the beautiful moments with you forever. Birthdays come once a year, so give the person you love a lot of love!

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