Befriend And The Best Way To Help Disabled People

disabled people

Disabled people have brought in certain defects, not being wholly healed like normal people. Have you really understood all the hardships, disadvantages, and misfortunes of people with disabilities? Please, for once, put yourself in that situation, to sympathize and share with miserable lives; once bent down, touched the pain, to understand that people with disabilities have the right to love, to be loved, to live with the most basic human needs.​

What are disabled people?

People with disabilities are mainly born with disabilities, and can also be acquired (accident) in daily life. Disability is divided into 06 categories: motor disability, hearing disability, visual disability, neuro-psychiatric disability, intellectual disability, and other disability.

  • Mobility disabilities: People who still have the ability to hear, see and speak, but can’t use their limbs.
  • Hearing and speaking disabilities: Those who cannot make sounds, cannot communicate with each other by sound, or cannot hear external sounds; have a disability in both listening and speaking. People with hearing disabilities, we often call “deaf”, and speech disabilities “dumb”.
  • Vision disability: People with visual impairment.
  • Neuro-psychiatric disabilities: People with neurological disorders, are unable to control their behavior and emotions.
  • Intellectual disability: Losing the ability to perceive right and wrong, even if you study, you cannot understand. Mindset does not grow
  • – Other disabilities: The condition that a person has a disability, loses bodily functions, and cannot function normally.

Stop stigma and love helping disabled person

Stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities often manifest in many different forms, manifesting in actions or thoughts. Discrimination against people with disabilities is reflected in each person’s views and perceptions, knowledge, and experiences; discrimination and disgust with the imperfect form of disabled people, discrimination when thinking that disabled people are useless and a burden to society. These are outdated views and need to be removed.

There are 2 main discriminatory views as follows:

In the eyes of people without disabilities, people with disabilities are not normal people, that’s why people with disabilities in their eyes are always dependents and burdens for their families and society.

It is believed that people with disabilities are the embodiment of bad luck and bad luck. It is also this view that many times people with disabilities have suffered many disadvantages and been imposed by others, sometimes the views of imposition and discrimination appear even among those who specialize in support services with people. disabilities.

However, in today’s society, along with the efforts of people with disabilities to express themselves, they have risen to assert that they are “disabled but not disabled”, and society has a more sympathetic view towards people with disabilities. , stigma has also decreased.

How to help disabled people?

– You need to have a more compassionate view of people with disabilities, just consider them as normal people who enjoy benefits and create opportunities for them to work and consider people with disabilities as your family.

– Understand the provisions of the law on non-discrimination against people with disabilities, especially in schools that help students with disabilities integrate with other normal children, so about The distance between children will be shortened, and they will understand and sympathize with their friends with disabilities more, creating closeness and sharing in life.

– More investment is needed in public services specifically for people with disabilities. That is one of the best ways to give them the opportunity to work for disabled people.

– Create certain priorities for people with disabilities (housing, employment, living, transportation, financial support…) and above all, everyone’s understanding and tolerance. Changing attitudes of people towards people with disabilities and its effects on disabled people. Changing views and awareness of the social community about people with disabilities is a significant job.

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disabled people
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Psychologists said that: To assess disabled people, we need to change our perspective, they are not patients with serious illnesses; You should put them in the position of an ordinary person (or yourself), positive comments and evaluations will help disabled people have a strong motivation to rise up, their success will be achieved much when overcome. the ability of an ordinary person. Because in people with disabilities there is a desire to overcome fate and assert themselves. This change must first come from the disabled person themselves. They themselves always love a happy life, knowing that overcoming their own fate is nothing they can’t do. The views of the family and the people around them need a positive change.

People with disabilities need sharing, not pity, this is the desire of people with disabilities themselves. They are equal to all other sane citizens. People with disabilities in localities are cared for and cared for by their families and society, trying to arrange jobs suitable for their health to ensure their lives and integrate into the community.


People with disabilities are one of the most disadvantaged groups that need the attention and support of collectives, individuals, and social authorities. Therefore, every action and job to help people with disabilities will help them reduce their pain and loss. At the same time, it also creates motivation for less fortunate people to see that “this life is still full of good things”.

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