Best Style Is Being Trended In 2023

Best Style

According to the flow of time, there have been many designers who left a mark in history with impressive the best style. In today’s article, Happyinktee will help you synthesize the best style that is being widely applied on the world fashion map.

Popular and the best style you should know

Classic Style

Loving, luxurious, and aristocratic are adjectives used to describe the classic style, bearing the trendy beauty of a French girl. This fashion style is not too flashy and ostentatious but mainly focuses on elegance, elegance, romance, and attraction. The typical character for this style is the famous designer CoCo Chanel – a magnificent and elegant French fashion monument. The main colors of this best style are neutral colors such as brown, black, cobalt blue, white, …, helping the wearer to become more classy and noble.

Minimalism Style – Minimalism Style

Minimalism is the best style originating from the country of the Rising Sun of Japan, inspired by the art of Origami paper folding with the aim of aiming for the simplest but the most optimal. The main colors for the Minimalist style are black, gray, brown, beige, and white – basic colors, create simple but not monotonous outfits. With this best style, the wearer not only shows a simple and discreet lifestyle but also exudes a strong and independent personality. In addition to fashion, the Minimalist style is also an inspiration for designers to apply to architecture as well as painting.

Free Style 

Talking about Hippie is talking about freedom and freedom, some people even use the word “sobs” when referring to this style. The origin of Hippie stems from the “bizarre” thoughts of people who are not afraid to break prejudices, to assert themselves. It is that breakthrough thinking that has brought a unique wind to the fashion world.

Genuine Hippie fashionistas always love disruptive and rebellious clothes, creating an overall look that seems sloppy but still shows an attractive and stylish appearance. Hippie fashion items can be recycled, self-designed, or used items. Unique accessories are also an indispensable element to create a unique outfit, unlike anyone else.

Bohemian Style 

Bohemian with iconic outfits is an age-old fashion style, inspired by the ruffled skirts and garlands of 19th-century nomadic girls. Boho style embodies aspirations. freedom and the desire to break the rules of the nomads. Perhaps that’s why this style is often confused with Hippie Style. However, Bohemian is not aimed at the bizarre and unique but mainly adorns the feminine and gentle beauty of girls who love creativity.

Boho girls rarely wear tight clothes, instead, they wear “lightweight” materials, such as a floating maxi dress, a thin coat, or wide-leg pants… And point Characteristic of the Bohemian style is the floral and feather motifs that are combined harmoniously and delicately, creating extremely outstanding costumes.

Best Style

Sporty Style

Sports style is one of the fashion styles that are becoming more and more popular because of the comfort and convenience that the outfit brings to the wearer. Loose pants, crop tops, hoodies, and active accessories such as sneakers, sports bags, or caps… are the typical outfits of Sporty Style. Previously, the sporty style was only used in practice or in competition. With new and unique variations, sportswear is becoming more and more popular and widely used in daily life. Sports fashion style gives the wearer confidence, dynamism, and health and embodies a modern and youthful lifestyle.

Preppy style

The preppy style is a fashion style inspired by school uniforms, giving the wearer a youthful beauty but no less luxurious and elegant. Originating in the early 20th century, the “preppy” style became popular in the United States, stemming from the school uniforms of college preparatory schools for the elite. Up to now, Preppy is still considered a classic fashion style. Modern Preppy style remains elegant, discreet, and luxurious with a bow tie shirt, checkered skirt, blazer, and flat shoes,…

Best Style

Normcore style

One of the bold fashion styles to make the best outfits of Generation Z is Normcore. Normcore is a combination of two words normal and hardcore, meaning the desire to express a distinct personality through simple things. Normcore style towards simple and never-out-of-fashion outfits such as polo shirts, jeans, blazers, loafers, and sneakers,…

Normcore style prioritizes simplicity, convenience, and comfort for the wearer. In addition, Normcore also has a point of departure from the Unisex – genderless style. This has shown the open and positive life view of today’s young people: gender division in fashion is outdated, and fashion is the freedom to choose clothes as long as it suits your personality and nature. personal color.

Vintage style

The word “Vintage” was originally a concept of “oldness”, applied in the wine or oil industry. However, later this word began to be used commonly, especially in the field of fashion. Vintage fashion’s best style refers to the classic way of dressing, tending to be nostalgic about the beauty of the past. By recreating classic fashion features, discerning fashionistas have combined them with modern styles to create outfits that are both chic and sweet. Typical images for Vintage style are items with floral motifs, stripes, or polka dots.

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In the above article, Happyinktee briefly introduced the current popular fashion styles. Hopefully, with this information, the girls will fully understand the styles and better understand the best style they are aiming for.

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