Best Thanksgiving Crafts Ideas For Girlfriends In 2022

Thanksgiving Crafts
Handmade gifts are always surprising and interesting things for the other half on Thanksgiving Day. Mazeshirt suggests you special thanksgiving crafts. They are sure to make him or her extremely emotional.

Top 7 Adorable & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Girlfriends

Handmade flower bouquets

When it comes to thanksgiving crafts, instead of choosing fresh flowers, you can choose handmade bouquets. You can manually make simple handmade flower bouquets by folding and gluing them, you can follow the instructions on youtube. Handmade bouquets will not wilt, so your girlfriend will keep and decorate the gift for a longer time.

Teddy bear

One thing’s for sure, there’s no girlfriend who doesn’t like teddy bears. Beautiful handmade teddy bears with many funny expressions, cute faces, and smooth materials will be the most popular thanksgiving craft idea for your girlfriend.

How to make handmade teddy bears is not too difficult, you can learn on youtube and then buy the ingredients to make them. If you don’t have time, you can choose to buy handmade teddy bears at with a variety of designs and sizes. You will immediately have a lovely and meaningful gift for your girlfriend without wasting time and effort.

Step by step to make cute thanksgiving crafts.


Bracelets are relatively easy gifts to make and are very popular today. Instead of the bracelets bought from the store, making them yourself will make your girlfriend feel much more touched. Choose the materials to make handmade bracelets, according to your girlfriend’s personality and style.

Some models of bracelets with many designs and materials are easy to make such as fabric straps, leather straps, or beads, wooden beads. No need to be too fussy, but just a bracelet made by yourself and putting all your love into it, will be unique thanksgiving crafts for her, right?

Thanksgiving card

The cards containing the words of your love you want to send to your lover are definitely indispensable, right? In addition to buying ready-made cards, you can design your own unique and fancy cards.

Handmade cards show your sincerity. Your lover will surely be touched by that. Card’s recording sincere words of love are not a bad gift for the idea of ​​thanksgiving crafts.

Wool scarves

For those who are skillful and patient, handmade wool scarves are probably a great choice for girls in the coming winter. There is nothing like, when the girlfriend receives the woolen scarf knitted by her boyfriend, that winter will no longer feel cold. You can ask your mother, or sister to help, and teach you how to knit to create this warm gift. Let the wool scarves be handmade thanksgiving gifts for your girlfriend, instead of you to stay warm in the cold winter.

Anniversary photo album- Meaningful thanksgiving crafts gifts

The commemorative photos between the two of you, what could be more wonderful if it is stored in a beautiful little album designed and made by yourself. When your girlfriend receives this gift, she will surely be surprised and extremely touched. With time, the two of you will look back at your memories together, review old stories, and warm up your love story.

Bookmarkers made of cardboard

Book lovers often have a very diverse collection of bookmarks. Not only to mark the page but also to help protect the book during reading. Therefore, giving a gift like this on thanksgiving day shows how much you care about their interests. Even though it’s small, it means a lot!

Don’t have time to create a gift yourself? The following 4 ideas are for you

Couple shirts

Couple shirts are quite popular gifts for couples. However, you will still create your own character by designing the shirt yourself. If you have a talent for art, you should buy colors and “beautify” the couple shirt yourself. If not, you can ask the uniform tailors for young people. They will certainly have a design team to help you have the best product.

Pink Venom Blackpink Merch T Shirt 3

Pink Venom Blackpink Merch T-Shirt

If your lover is a brave member of Blackpink, then a dating shirt is the best gift for her.

Blackpink Born Pink Pink Venom T Shirt 2

Blackpink Born Pink Pink Venom T-Shirt

Pink Venom collection for you.

Couple cup

Not only a Valentine’s Day gift but a double cup is also chosen by many people as a thanksgiving gift for adults.

Double mugs are sold quite a lot in bookstores or souvenir shops. Designs, colors, and designs are also very diverse. If you want your gift to be unique, you can order printed mugs. Or a simpler way is to stick the decal on the plain cup.

thanksgiving crafts

The Shrek Love Personalized Mug

A lovely pair of mugs to drink coffee with every day.

Scented candles

Scented candles are one of the gifts for lovers to bring comfort and reduce stress after a long tiring day at work. Not only helps the other person to limit the pressure, but scented candles also make the surrounding space more cozy and romantic for both of you.


The first gift suggestion for a female lover that he should not ignore is the necklace. Among the top jewelry models most loved by women, today’s necklaces are very diverse in designs and designs. You can choose to buy necklaces based on her preferences to help bring unexpected fashion and charm.


Choosing a suitable gift for your girlfriend is to increase her plus points. In addition to the perfect gifts above, please follow Happyinktee to discover more different styles.

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