6+ ways for Halloween decorations from simple to horror 

halloween home decor

Halloween is probably one of the most anticipated festivals of the fall that everyone can create Halloween decorations. At this time, people are not only rushing for the pumpkin harvest but also rushing for Halloween decorations. Suppose you are looking to design a Halloween space for yourself and your friends. Then don’t miss the following Halloween decorations of Happyinktee. Make sure you have a memorable holiday!

Through the origin of Halloween, we can see that this is not just an ordinary holiday or a carnival, it is a sacred and important religious holiday. Halloween, it is also an occasion for us to remember and honor those who have passed away.

According to legend, Halloween is the occasion on which ghosts are permitted to return to Earth to visit family members. If these souls receive many prayers from the earth, they will soon be baptized and return to God.

Horror and creepy Halloween decorations

1. Decorate the gate with pumpkins

If you want to express the Halloween atmosphere most clearly, the gate is the place for you to be creative. Only with pumpkins carved with the devil’s face lined up on both sides of the stairs in and out. Don’t forget to put more lights on the pumpkin; put them on the door to make it look more mysterious at night. Choosing yellow lights for Halloween door decorations will be more appropriate for the spirit of the holiday.

You can accentuate the space by adding dry branches and decorating it with black bats and owls. For bats or birds, you can buy ready-made or use black cardboard to cut into shapes and then hang them up.

2. Decorate the gate with tombstones and Death, the devil

Gravestones, Death, and the Devil are also three symbols of Halloween. People decorate the outside to scare away evil spirits. At the same time, it also creates the most Halloween decorations.

With tombstones, you can use foam sheets and then spray them with black or moss-green paint to create a ghostly, ancient space. The god of death only needs to buy a black cloak with a wide hat, a mask, and an ax. As for the devil, you can be as creative as using cardboard to create shapes. The tombstones are placed on the floor, on the stairs. As for Death, it can be hung at the door, placed next to the door, or hung from the ceiling. You just let Death or the devil become the center of attention. And don’t forget to add a few details like yellow lights, pumpkins, bats… around.

3. Halloween decorations with a “spider cave”

Spider webs, and spiders are also one of the objects related to Halloween. It is believed that on this day if you see a spider, it means that the soul of your loved one is protecting you. Outside the door, people often spread spider webs and decorate with giant spiders.

You can cut spiders with cardboard or buy animal spiders, on Halloween, they sell a lot. Make use of ropes, parachute cords or just to create a spider web. However, you will also easily buy a set of both silk and spiders for decoration. So you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out how to do it.

4. Horror Halloween decorations living room

You can use your staircase to turn it into an abandoned house that has been vacant for a long time. By using spider silk to spread all over the stairs. Then use LED lights to create lighting effects.

Using the living room space to decorate with human skeletons and skulls will create a very ghostly space.

How to make simple and beautiful Halloween decorations

1. Decorate with bats

If you want to have a simple space and look beautiful, using bats glued to the wall or a small corner in the room is attractive enough. You can buy bats at any decor store. Or if you want to do it yourself, you can use black paper, draw a bat, and cut it.

2. Halloween home decor with pumpkin

You use a small table or make use of your study table or bookcase, or cabinet. Put the pumpkins on it. You can use fresh pumpkins to draw smileys or demon faces. Or buy ready-made plastic pumpkins to use each year. Print extra scans to hang or cover the table. Then just add a few more details such as potted plants, stuffed animals, witches…

3. Decorate with paintings

This is probably the simplest way because you don’t have to spend too much time. Halloween has many related symbols such as bats, pumpkins, vampires, death gods, zombies, and ghosts… Especially when talking about ghosts on Halloween, people will immediately think of the image of No-Face. An extremely lovely image used to decorate is extremely eye-catching. You just need to find yourself a favorite image, then accentuate the surroundings with dry branches, sleeping bats, and even pretty little pumpkins.

4. Decorate with poster

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Horror Poster

Halloween Movie Horror Poster- the best choice for those who love Michael Myers for Halloween decorations.


Michael Myers Halloween Movie Horror Poster
Stranger Things Wall Art Poster

Stranger Things Wall Art Poster

A frightening poster of wall Art, something to make your house on Halloween more special.



Halloween parties are now very busy from families, and schools to festivals that attract a large number of people. Parties are often decorated in Halloween colors such as black, orange, and purple along with spooky decorations. Above are the Halloween decorations that you can apply to your space. Believe that space with scary Halloween decorations will bring you a memorable and complete holiday.