The Most Creative Masquerade Halloween 2023

Masquerade Halloween

Halloween season is also the time when family members start to come up with ideas to have a unique masquerade Halloween costume. If this year’s Halloween you do not know how to dress up in a simple way but create the most horror masquerade Halloween costume, then follow the article below by Happyinktee!
The masquerade Halloween party is definitely one of the indispensable activities in the biggest Halloween festival of the year in October. Westerners believe that the night of October 31 – Halloween night – will be the time when the line between humans and hell becomes the most fragile. The masquerade Halloween costume will help festivalgoers avoid real ghosts.

Besides, there are also people who participate in this ritual for another reason, that is, they want to have fun together, go for a walk with the spirits, and help the souls who have not yet been able to overcome loneliness and coldness.
However, what should a masquerade Halloween costume as? The characters that are most often shaped in the Halloween season are zombies, Joker clowns, scary vampires or princesses, angels, and fairies in fairy tales…

Super Horror Vampire

It would be a big omission on Halloween night if there were no vampires present. How to dress up as a vampire looks complicated but is actually quite simple and equally charming and mysterious.

masquerade halloween

To dress up as a horror vampire, you need to pay attention to details like the eyes and the red drop of blood at the corner of the lips. Especially use eyeliner to highlight the bold eye contour along with horizontal eyebrows to show the power and ferocity of the vampire.

In addition, vampires also possess sharp fangs that glow in the dark, this is also one of the character’s strong points.

Death – The greatest masquerade Halloween costume

If you don’t like using fake blood or fancy makeup but you still want to scare others, then Death is the first choice. This is a popular Halloween costume character, not too complicated, just a black costume that covers the whole head, a scythe (can be made by yourself or purchased at souvenir shops).
When disguised as a God of Death, you can wear a skull mask, and skull bones to increase the horror.

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Day Of The Dead T-Shirt

Let’s dress up and join the night masquerade Halloween party


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Misfits I Remember Halloween Graphic T Shirt 3

Misfits I Remember Halloween Graphic T-Shirt

A creepy T-shirt is enough to join the masquerade Halloween if you don’t have much time for dressing up.


Ghost Bride

Many girls are fascinated by the image of the ghost bride during the Halloween season. How to dress up a ghost bride is not too complicated. All you need are a few accessories, like a black headband, a rumpled wedding dress, and a wig. If you want to be more “quality”, remember to make your face white with dark gray eyes and black lips.

Minnie Mouse

You don’t have to dress up as ghostly and scary to be different on Halloween. Because just wearing a red polka dot dress to become Disney’s famous Minnie Mouse is enough to impress the opposite person.

Minnie Mouse wears a very youthful and playful red polka dot dress, in addition, a bow on the head and a characteristic nose are indispensable. Therefore, you only need to spend a little time to be able to dress up as the famous Minnie Mouse. If you want to be more creative, don’t be afraid to turn yourself into a scary mouse like Minnie Zombie mouse, or Minnie Mouse clown to become suitable for the Halloween atmosphere!


Appearing in the popular IT horror movie, Pennywise is an alien creature in the form of a clown who came down to earth to instill fear in humans.

The character Pennywise often wears a large gray shirt, the neck is designed in the form of a very large duck. This clown has a bulging head, yellow eyes, orange hair, and a red mouth with 2 bloodlines extending up to his eyes. More specifically, he has a very sharp jagged tooth.


The spirit is a cruel dark magic user, Chucky doll has since become a host for the cold-blooded killer in the movie of the same name.

The shape of the Chucky doll is a small boy wearing a jean bib outside and a long-sleeved striped t-shirt inside. Chucky has blue eyes, orange-blond hair, and a smiling mouth


If you do not like the horror style with blood stains, the girls can choose to transform into gentle, sweet fairies and angels.
For angel makeup, you need to use a brush or pen to draw cute fairy motifs from the eye contour up to the temple and down to the cheek area. Don’t forget to combine it with a cute dress, wings, magic wand, or crown!


The Joker is a very familiar character on Halloween. In some versions, the Joker is just a harmless clown who likes to joke, but in other versions, he is depicted as a mad killer. This character is also appreciated for masquerade costumes for couples if your couple can dress up as the Joker and Harley Quinn.
The impressive Joker makeup is focused on the white face, green hair, and wide mouth, with many horizontal and vertical incisions tinged with bright red.

Sister Valak

masquerade halloween

Sister Valak used to become a very famous photo-editing meme. How to create this character will not take too much time because it only needs a white face and impressive deep black eyes and then you will have a creepy masquerade mask outfit.


Impressive Halloween masquerade masks for you to unleash your creativity, make Halloween a special day to express yourself acting scary characters. Wishing you a happy, memorable festival!