The best wild camps in Europe to have fun camping


Europe is a great place to explore and adventurous campers choose to have fun camping. Here are a few of the most stunning wilderness camping sites and the rules you need to know.

The best place for wild camps in Europe

The Hebrides, Scotland: Discover pristine beaches untapped by tourism

Located off the northwest coast of Scotland, the remote Hebrides Islands are full of beautiful and fun camping spots. Harris’s west coast is particularly stunning, with its vast stretches of white sands and mesmerizing views of Taransay Island.

Wild fun camping is legal and the only restriction is to stay 100 meters from the road and not leave any kind of waste behind.

Lofoten Island, Norway: Sleeping under the midnight sun

For an adventurous summer camping spot, head inside the Arctic Circle to Lofoten Island. This is the perfect spot to stay all night and soak up the Norwegian midnight sun. The beaches and dunes on the north coast of Moskenesøy are especially attractive in the summer.

Norway is very welcoming to wild campers. According to Allemannsretten, public access, and wild camping for up to two nights are allowed on uncultivated wasteland. This means you are free to camp in most places. Except for land that is tilled or used to grow crops, so consider surrounding farms or farming equipment.

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Lahemaa National Park, Estonia: In the lush forest

This vast forested national park is famous as a welcoming spot for wild campers. The National Forest Center is a very professional campground, and you can find dinner plates with picnic tables and toilets dotted around the forest.

Estonia’s public access laws are meant to allow wild camping on government land, and residents are often very open to campers. However, camping on arable land is not allowed, and clothes and dishes are not washed and washed in rivers and lakes.

Campfires are also allowed, as long as you use fire pipes that are designated for use in forests and do not damage crops for firewood. Campfires are not allowed in places where there is a risk of fire, such as in areas prone to wildfires or where there are not enough fire or near structures made of combustible materials.

Kungsleden, Sweden: Hiking through a vast nature reserve

Kungsleden, or King’s Trail, stretches 440 kilometers through northern Sweden. The hiking route connects Abisko in the north with Hemavan in the south and runs through the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve.

This is a great spot for wild camping surrounded by alpine tundra and birch forest. You can also catch wild animals like reindeer.

Sweden encourages wild camping with public access. Campers can stay in one place for up to two days and campfires are allowed as long as there are no fire restrictions on site. However, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency reminds campers to follow the “Do Not Disturb – Do Not Destroy” approach.

Dubysa River Valley, Lithuania: Floating in the woods

Lithuania’s Dubysa River Trail is a popular hiking route that traverses the highlands of Eastern Samogitia, past picturesque villages and blooming cornfields. It makes for an exciting multi-day hike and wild camping.

Must-have items on the fun camping trip


The first fun camping gear that cannot be ignored is the camping tent. A camping tent is considered a mobile home that you can take anywhere, ensuring your sleeping place in the natural environment. At the same time, the camping tent also works to protect you from the dangers of sleeping animals such as snakes, and rice, …

Camping kitchen

Outdoor camping trips will not be complete without dishes prepared on the spot. A camping stove will be a suggestion for you if you want to enjoy hot dishes in a natural setting with your companions. The time spent gathering around the camping stove, laughing, talking, and eating dishes prepared by yourself must be a huge thing that creates a quality and fun camping trip.

fun camping gadgets


The hilly and steppe areas with a rustic space will surely be the choice of camping site for many people. However, to ensure safety and comfort for yourself at night, a small flashlight that fits in your luggage will come into play. The flashlight can illuminate obstacles in the dark, helping you recognize hazards in necessary cases.

Mattress/sleeping bag

The next essential item that anyone camping should have with them is a mattress/sleeping bag. Bringing a mattress/sleeping bag for overnight fun camping trips not only ensures a good night’s sleep, and regains energy for the day’s activities, but also limits environmental factors such as rain, and humidity,…

Medical pill box

Many of you subjectively do not carry this medical box. Says it’s a medical pill box, but only needs some fever-reducing, pain-relieving, and digestive medicine, bandages, and physiological saline. You can extract it into a small box to carry, which is one of the fun camping gadgets that you can easy to carry. No one wants to hurt themselves and their loved ones, but it’s better to take precautions.

Comfortable cloth

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Wear a warm T-shirt if you choose camping during the winter season.


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Plan together to create a family fun camping trip this summer.


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Take some delicious cookies and coffee during camping entertainment.


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With the above useful information and tips to prepare for camping, Happyinktee hopes that your family will have a perfect and memorable camping trip. Thanks for your time!

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