Things to prepare for camping to have a perfect trip

prepare for camping

Do a list to prepare for camping beginner is the most important thing to have a nice trip. But please note the things to note below in the article of Happyinktee and enjoy the fun like camping with the whole family, getting in touch with nature, and making more memories.

Prepare for Camping: Essential Tools for family camping

Family camping is not the same as camping alone or camping with friends. When you have young children, you need to prepare more tools and supplies and must choose a safe and suitable camping site for all family members. There is The first thing to prepare for camping to have a nice trip.

Depending on the time and purpose of the camping trip, you can list of things to prepare for camping that you need to bring. To make your family camping trip as complete as possible, please note the following items:


This is probably the most important item in the family to prepare for camping. The camping tent is like a miniature house, providing a living and resting space. Currently, due to the increasing demand for use, the models and designs of camping tents are also increasingly diverse.


If you intend to spend the night at the campsite, a flashlight is an item that you need to prepare for camping. Currently, there are several specialized camping lights called tent lights. This type of lamp is quite convenient because we can use it for many different purposes such as a night light or a flashlight for night lighting.

Topical medicine, medical first aid box

Outdoor activities and play will inevitably lead to unnecessary risks such as insect stings, allergies, scratches, sprains, etc. Therefore, we should prepare for camping some topical medicines. common and medical first aid boxes in case the above situations occur.

Outdoor clothes

Prepare for camping with basic, lightweight, and simple items. Choose clothes made from cotton fabric, which is easy to absorb sweat during activity.

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If you intend to camp overnight, your family needs to prepare personal hygiene items for each member. Items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissue, towel, shampoo, shower gel… are all basic items that we should bring.

prepare for camping

Some family camping activities

Camping will become more complete when we combine the following interesting activities:

Set up a tent

This is a very interesting and rewarding activity. In the process of setting up the tent, you can teach your children how to arrange the tent, and how to arrange the furniture. Young children are often very active and learn quickly, so don’t miss any opportunity to impart new and useful knowledge to your child.

Visit the sites around the campsite

Campgrounds are often close to nature and have many landscapes to visit. If your children have not had many opportunities to explore the beautiful landscapes in nature, this family camp will be an opportunity for them to expand their knowledge and have more practical experiences.

Play sports

If camping in places with the open ground or large lawns, your family can bring items such as balls, badminton rackets, strings, etc. to play sports together. These games not only help exercise but also help your family become more connected.


Climbing is a fun activity that is welcomed by many young people. However, this activity is only suitable for families with grown children who are healthy enough to meet the distance. Currently, some places have built resorts on the top of the mountain to meet the overnight needs of many people.

things to prepare for camping

Points to note to have complete camping with the family

For many families, camping is an opportunity to relieve stress and fatigue after long days of work and study.

Determine the camping time

If your family just needs a simple weekend camping, you should schedule a move to the camping site on Friday. At this time, we can avoid traffic jams and have enough time to set up camp and prepare. get dinner.

Choose a camping site

Choosing a camping site is a very important factor to prepare for camping. If you have small children at home, you should prioritize safe camping spots, away from forests, deep rivers, or dangerous places.

Check out camping equipment

Before you hit the road, carefully double-check all fun camping gear. This will help us know if the equipment is working properly or not, if not, there is still enough time to replace it before hitting the road.

Plan your camping activities in advance

Camping will become more fun and interesting with accompanying activities such as visiting tourist attractions, bonfires, playing sports, walking, climbing… Depending on your preferences, you can prepare tools for these activities.

Meal plan

To save money, you can prepare meals for your family. Eating while camping is not so important, so you just need to prepare simple, easy-to-cook, and easy-to-eat dishes. Please calculate the amount of food enough for family members, do not be greedy but prepare too much because it will be a waste of food and make it difficult to move.

Preparing meals at home will help save more time during camping

If you want to cook by yourself at the camping site, you need to prepare for camping the necessary items such as an alcoholic stove, travel gas stove, knife, cutting board, chopsticks, spoon… 

Put garbage in the right place

Littering while camping is taboo. With the current state of environmental pollution, we need to minimize the use of plastic packaging and littering. Make the most of bottles, glass containers, and food containers at home to reduce waste in the environment.


The above article by Happyinktee hopes that your family will have a complete and meaningful camping trip.

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