Best Christmas Desserts Idea For Family 2022


The coming Christmas holiday is an opportunity for everyone to gather together in a warm and happy atmosphere. Let’s create special Christmas desserts with Happyinktee.

What idea do we have for Christmas Desserts?

Stollen cake

Stollen cakes are traditional Christmas desserts in Germany, loved by many people thanks to their soft, sweet, and fatty feeling mixed with extremely attractive sweet and sour fruit filling.

At the same time, the cake is not too complicated to make, so it is often made by many housewives to entertain the family on every special occasion. Delicious, easy to eat, and rich in nutrients.

Lamington cake

Lamington is a fairly popular and popular pastry in Australia. The highlight of the cake makes many people excited with the chocolate coating and sweet copra on top. When enjoying, you will feel the light bittersweetness of chocolate interwoven with the sponge cake inside.

Cakes are also varied with many different flavors for you to freely create according to your family’s taste. These delicious and attractive classic Christmas desserts are sure to conquer all members of your family.


It wouldn’t be Christmas anymore if there wasn’t this dish on the table: Turkey. Turkey was brought to England by explorer Sebastian Cabot in the 16th century. After that, roasted turkey became a popular dish of the British people every Christmas.

It was so popular that in 1843, Charles Dickens included it in his classic A Christmas Carol. This dish spread to Australia in 1788. And gradually these traditional Christmas Desserts have become an indispensable dish every Christmas. There is nothing happier than enjoying a delicious, hot piece of chicken in the cold of December.

log cake – Christmas dinner ideas

Once upon a time, during the Yule festival (ancient Scandinavian festival), people had to prepare a large log and burn it for 12 nights to welcome the return of the sun god. People believe that they will have bad luck if the tree trunk burns before the end of the festival.

So today, every time Christmas comes, we have a log-shaped brown chocolate cake as a tribute to this ritual. People also sprinkle white chocolate on top to represent snow. Make sure that Christmas dinner ideas will definitely take less time than the old Yule log.

Mint lollipop –  Best Christmas desserts

It would be sad if Christmas didn’t have this candy, my friend! Those are candies with attractive pink or green twists. A long time ago, candies were straight and only white. But around 1670, the captain of the Cologne Cathedral choir tried to make a cane-shaped candy. He brought gifts to his shepherds and singers. In the 19th century, people added red stripes and mint flavor to the candy.

In fact, there are many stories surrounding the shape of the candy cane. The most real thing is that white represents the purity and holiness of Jesus. And there is a bold stripe representing the blood of God. You will see that when you turn the stick upside down according to the English alphabet, the mint will have the shape of the letter J, the first letter of Jesus’ name.

Now every Christmas, this delicious and fun red and white striped candy cane has become an attractive gift for children ever since.


For a long time, Europeans have made small gingerbreads with the sun symbol to celebrate the winter solstice. If that day, the cake was only made with ginger, sugar, bread crumbs, almonds, and fruit…

Today, Germany is the most popular gingerbread country in the world. It was German artisans who developed more ways to decorate gingerbread. Not to mention building a gingerbread house. This idea was inspired by the Grimm brothers’ story about Hansel and Gretel. And since then, around the world, there have been many contests to make the biggest and most beautiful gingerbread house.

Nuremberg, Germany is the most famous place to make gingerbread. The Lebkuchen gingerbread is elaborately made with a golden, creamy frosting. Lebkuchen gingerbread is still sold in Nuremberg today. It is considered the most famous gingerbread in the world.


Christmas cheesecakes are memorable thanks to the characteristic fatty taste of cheese in the cake core and attractive greasy cream. These are extremely delicious Christmas desserts, you can combine them with a cup of hot tea, helping to neutralize the taste as well as warm the body in the last days of the year.

The cake with the decorate attractive plum color tone will make the Christmas table more new, and impressive and evoke a warm atmosphere, drawing close everyone to this party.


The super funny but equally delicious pine tree cupcakes are a very popular dish during Christmas. The cake has a soft, spongy core with a greasy cream, perfectly blended to make you remember forever.

The cake is a highlight for the dining table, with eye-catching colors interspersed with traditional dishes to help your family change the taste and enjoy the meal to the fullest.


The Christmas party would not be delicious without a delicious, greasy pudding. However, today’s pudding is nothing like the old days. Around the 15th century, the pudding was made from plums, wine, finely chopped veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, onions, dried fruits, and spices.

Christmas Eve, Personalised Kids Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Mug

Of course, A Christmas dessert doesn’t lack a cup of hot chocolate, right?


Christmas Desserts
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The sweet taste always makes people feel happy when eating. Wishing you have a nice meal with these Christmas desserts.

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