Easter day And What do you know about Easter?

easter day

Easter day is often considered one of the most important holidays of the year for Christians or otherwise known as Christianity.

1. What is Easter day?

Easter day is a Christian festival celebrated every year to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter does not take place on a fixed date but is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox. This time is calculated based on the Gregorian calendar of the Western churches. The date on which Easter is celebrated is also called Easter Sunday.

Easter Day does not appear exactly in the bible. The name Easter may be derived from “Eostre. In the Saxon language, Eostre is used to refer to the Saxon goddess who offered sacrifices in honor of the Passover.

Besides, there is also an opinion that the name Easter is Norse customer, western, or Ostara. These words mean “sunrise season” or “birth season” – close to the meaning of Easter.

easter day

2. What is the meaning of Easter day?

The meaning of Easter day is tied to its roots in religion. According to the New Testament, Jesus was captured by the Roman authorities who considered him a threat to the empire. Then Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion (on Good Friday ).

After 3 days, that is, on Sunday, Jesus rose (resurrected) and proved that he was the son of God. Easter Day is celebrated every year to honor Jesus’ victory over death. This is also a symbol of the believers’ strong faith in His teachings and teachings

According to the gospels in the New Testament, those who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus will be given the gift of eternal life. People of faith will be welcomed to Heaven after death.

Besides, there is an opinion that Easter is close to the pagan holiday of renewal and revival (Pagan). It praises the Saxon goddess Eastre. Later, these two holidays were combined into the present Easter.

easter day meaning

How do countries celebrate holidays?

Easter day in France

In France, church bells usually ring every day of the year except for the three Easter holidays. Legend has it that the reason the bells stopped ringing was that they made a trip to Rome to be blessed on this holiday.

On Easter coutdown, people across the country often scatter eggs and hide colorful eggs made of various materials, even chocolate, in their gardens. In each garden, they usually let the chickens and rabbits loose in the garden so that they can walk and run freely in each garden. The children in the house will also be very interested in the game of finding eggs in their garden because if the child finds more eggs, they will be obedient, study better in the year, and be protected by God.

On this day, French people often celebrate Easter day with a hearty meal of lamb instead of turkey to pray for a year of fertility, prosperity, and good fortune.

Easter in America

It is a tradition in America that every night before Easter, children build a nest of wood and leaves in their garden (the Easter basket) and leave it outside the house. According to legend, the Easter Bunny will fill the house with eggs (chocolate eggs, candy, colorful plastic) for the babies to find on Easter morning when they wake up.

Easter day is celebrated by the president of the United States at the White House. Also known as the “White House Easter Egg Roll” the participation of Easter bunnies, Easter egg rolling races, egg hunting, candy smashing and a variety of other interesting things take place all over the United States. It is known that Easter is the second largest candy shopping festival after Halloween. With 90 million Chocolate Easter Bunnies, more than 120 million pounds of candy are consumed each year on this holiday, enough to fit in 4,615 truckloads and over 16 million marshmallows produced for this day.

Easter in Australia

In Ulladulla – New South Walls, on Easter day will take place the traditional festival of blessing the fishing fleet (The Blessing of the Fleet). This ceremony is held with the hope that the nets will be abundant and the sailors will be safe when docked. A big festival is held on the beach with activities such as a spaghetti eating contest, a fat pole climbing contest, and finding the queen for fishermen.

There is also the National Folk Festival in Canberra on Easter. More than 20 stages were set up, with many world-class artists performing, as well as seminars and more than 100 concerts with 30 street vendors in attendance. This festival is an opportunity for people to rest, relax and have fun with their family and loved ones after a stressful year of work and wish for good things to come to them.

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Easter is a belief for Christians. Jesus rose from the dead and returned to heaven in triumph. This is also considered a festival of hope because it is the time when spring returns to all species. Hopefully, the information Happyinktee has just shared can help you better understand Easter to have the most interesting and wonderful experiences on this holiday.

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