Happy mothers Day 2023: Origin and meaning of this holiday


Most of us today, apart from major holidays like happy Mothers Day, and International Women’s Day March 8. This is a day when we filial children can express our deep gratitude to the person who gave birth to us.

The following article of Happyinktee will introduce you to the exact date so that you can actively make congratulatory plans, as well as prepare meaningful gifts to give to your birth parents.

happy mothers day

1. What is Mother’s Day 2022?

Happy mothers Day is not like other holidays of the year, the time is not fixed on a specific day, and every year Mother’s Day changes. Mother’s Day is usually the second Sunday of May every year.

2. Mother’s Day Origins

Mother’s Day has many different views on the origin. According to some documents, happy Mothers Day originated in Greek and Roman times. In the spring, the Mother’s Gratitude Festival is held annually in Greece and people at that time sacrificed to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea – the mother of many gods in Greek mythology.

There are also other documents that say that the history of Mother’s Day first originated in England around the 1600s. Accordingly, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year 40 days before Easter to honor mothers. According to custom, children will then give flowers or fruit cakes to their mothers to pay their respects. However, over time this custom gradually fell into oblivion, and by the 19th century was virtually eliminated.

3. Happy Mothers day story

Later, thanks to the patient struggle and heart of a girl named Anna Jarvis in Philadelphia, USA, Mother’s Day was known and celebrated by everyone. The origin of this spiritual struggle is that after her mother’s death, Anna always felt tormented when she had many things that she could not do for her mother, and also because of everyone’s indifference towards the person who was born. me. Therefore, this girl was determined to propose to the US Senate to organize Mother’s Day nationwide. In 1911, after many years of struggle, Mother’s Day was agreed to be celebrated in most US states. And on May 8, 1914, the President of the United States signed a decision to designate the second Sunday of May every year as Mother’s Day.

Currently, most countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May every year. On this happy mothers Day, children also pay their respects to the person who has given birth to them by using gifts or good wishes for their mother. Or simply, just having children from far away to reunite is enough for mothers to feel happy.

4. Meaning of Mother’s Day

happy mothers day

Like other holidays, each day has its own meaning. Mother’s Day is no exception. Not only on this day but every day of our lives we should be grateful to the women, the mothers who suffered to give birth to make us as healthy as we are today. Without our mother, we probably wouldn’t be in this world.

On this day, we should show our gratitude to our mother, be it through a bouquet of flowers or a meaningful gift box. And there is the precious gift every mother wants to see that her child grows up, healthy and human, which is probably what the parents want to see from their child.

5. What to do on happy mothers Day

Thus, happy mothers Day is a special occasion to pay filial piety to parents. However, it is not every day that children have the opportunity to express their love to their parents. Every day, give your parents warm hugs, warm words, and genuine concern. After all, that made them very happy.

Therefore, these days are also the occasion to show our gratitude and affection through these happy mothers day gifts.

Health gifts

The gift of health is one of the most practical gift ideas that almost any mother can use. You can choose nutritious foods such as ginseng, bird’s nest, cordyceps, reishi mushrooms, functional foods, and herbs … to give to your mother. In addition, machines such as neck massagers, massage machines/chairs, exercise machines, etc. will also be good choices.

However, when choosing a health gift, please note whether the mother’s health is suitable for use or not.

Jewelry gifts, fashion accessories

In addition, clothes, jewelry, and costume accessories are things you can easily choose to surprise your mother. For example:

  • Clothes, dresses
  • Handbag
  • Earrings: Almost all women from old to young are very fond of earrings

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I Love My Mother Gift For Mothers Day T Shirt

I Love My Mother Gift For Mother’s Day T-Shirt

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Beauty gifts

In addition to health, beauty is one of the issues that all women in this world are concerned about. Either way, you can choose one of the following gifts:

  • Skin care cosmetics such as lotions, moisturizers, serums, collagen, etc.
  • Body care products (such as shower gel, and shampoo)
  • Beauty machines such as essence sprayers, facial steamers, etc.

If your mother has a hobby with makeup, you can choose some safe and natural makeup products for her to use to avoid the effects of chemicals.

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Although we nominally only have one happy mothers Day each year. However, do not forget that the rest of the days we still have to remember that we need to love our mother very much. Don’t hesitate to express your love and gratitude to your mothers whether it’s their day or not.

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