MothersDay 2023 is jubilant in many countries


The MothersDay event is widely celebrated around the world with a message of honor and gratitude to mothers. The sacred maternal love has been the inspiration for many artistic creations as well as popular marketing campaigns. What is Mother’s Day in 2023? On this special occasion, your marketing program should have mother’s day gift ideas to make an impression in the eyes of customers.


What is Mothersday?

Most countries around the world choose to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, the second week of May. So Mother’s Day in 2023 will be Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Mother’s Day has given each child more opportunities to express their love and gratitude for their hard work and sacred maternal love.

Celebrating this special holiday in different countries

Not all countries share the same mother’s day. Some countries like England, and Ethiopia choose this day in accordance with their own cultural traditions. Let’s take a look at how some countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day and get gift ideas for moms on this special occasion.

MothersDay 2023 in the US

In the US, MothersDay is celebrated by children giving flowers and unique gifts to their beloved mothers. Families also celebrate this day by giving their mothers a day off, Mom won’t need to worry about cooking or other household chores.

MothersDay in Japan

“Mother’s Day” in Japan in 2023 also takes place on Sunday, May 14, 2023, like many other countries. “Mother’s Day” in Japan was officially recognized as a national holiday in 1949. The gifts for mothers on this day are similar to fresh flowers, and jewelry.

MothersDay in China

In China, mothers are often given carnations on “Mother’s Day”. “Even though it originates from the US, the Chinese people accept it without hesitation because this holiday is also associated with traditional Chinese values; it is respect for the elderly and filial piety to parents.” Therefore, in 2023, Chinese Mother’s Day also takes place on the second Sunday of May.


Mother’s Sunday in England occurs on the 4th Sunday during Lent. The tradition dates back to about 400 years ago when many children had to leave home to work as domestic workers. This holiday marks a day off for child workers to reunite with their families and attend church services.

After the vigil in memory of the Virgin Mary, the children brought gifts and flowers to their mother. Roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are popular flowers for this occasion. My favorite food is Simnel macaroons.

Marketing ideas with gifts and wishes for Mother’s Day 2023

In celebration of MothersDay 2023, get ready to build an explosive marketing program. Happyinktee suggests small gifts you can spend until Mother’s Day to score points with customers.

Room fragrance essential oil / Room spray:

Cleanliness and scent are what mothers always care about. Prove to your mother and child that you are old enough to notice such things. What’s more, a comforting scent like lemongrass or sea salt has a therapeutic effect and helps your mother repel worries and fatigue. What is more reasonable?

A blood pressure monitor or massager:

Perhaps there is no need to say more about the use of these two gifts. For middle-aged people, monitoring blood pressure and heart rate are two habits that must be maintained regularly to avoid the unpredictable consequences of high blood pressure and heart failure. In addition, a handheld massager will help your mother relax more after a hard day of housework, and also prevent aches and pains, muscle pain, or joint hematoma.

Giving flowers to mothers

Mothers day flowers are the gift that most people think of when giving gifts to women. With soft beauty and sweet fragrance, fresh flowers will be an extremely suitable gift if you do not have an idea of ​​marketing gifts for Mother’s Day. There are many types of flowers: peonies, roses, orchids, etc.

Small cards 

Hand out small cards with meaningful wishes to show your care to customers. This gift has a great spiritual value, makes mothers feel very warm, and is honored by those who are not their own children.

happy mother's day

A Bluetooth music speaker

Your mother’s favorite songs or renditions will be better with a quality speaker. Is something your mother can carry at any time, from cooking to washing clothes and cleaning the house, will definitely make your mother’s mental world more colorful, which sometimes because of her busyness has forgotten.

Yoga mats and equipment

Yoga is a discipline that is good for health, especially for the elderly. If your mom’s been into yoga before, a newer mat and quality kit is something she’ll love. As for moms who are not yet in the habit of practicing yoga, maybe your gift will encourage your mother to start practicing. Because as mentioned, the effect of yoga on the body is really great.


Comfort Colors Mama Candy Hearts Mothers Day Gift T-Shirt

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Cool Moms Club Mothers Day T Shirt

Cool Moms Club Mother’s Day T-Shirt

Cool mother’s day gifts for style- personality mom.


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Get this t-shirt if Mother’s Day coincides with her birthday.


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An elegant perfume scent

All women love flowers, of course. But if a bouquet of flowers seems to be a gift that is a bit “lacks salt” and less useful, a bottle of perfume is something that can move any woman’s heart.

How long has it been since your mother cared about dressing or dressing herself up? Time and busy life sometimes make mothers forget to care for their appearance. Remind your mother how graceful and beautiful she is still with a light, elegant fragrance.


This year’s MothersDay, we’ve prepared for you a list of 7 gifts that your mom is sure to love. Not simply because of the value of the gift, but also because of the care and heart that you send with it.

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