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zodiac constellations

In astrology, the story of the 12 zodiac constellations is closely related to Greek mythology. Each sign is represented by an extremely powerful deity.

Under the magical power of the planets in the vast universe, the 12 zodiac constellations of possess distinct and unique qualities. Join Happyinktee to find out the guardian deity of each sign in Greek mythology based on their personality!

zodiac constellations

A god represents the 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Athena 

In ancient Greek mythology, Athena was the child of Zeus and Methis. Athena and Ares are both gods of war, but Athena is the god of war for peace, symbolizing strategy and discipline, while Ares represents chaos, destruction, and invasion.

TAURUS – Venus

Zodiac signs constellations Taurus is patronized by the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility Aphrodite. The equivalent of this god in Roman mythology is Venus.

According to legend, she was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Dione or could also have been born from the sea foam after Uranus’ blood dripped into the sea and earth when he was defeated by the youngest child Cronus. Her symbols are a dove, bird, apple, bee, swan, sugar cane, and rose.

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Gemini – Apollo 

Apollo – son of Zeus and the fairy Leto, is the god of light, truth, and art, and is the god of prophecy, music, and healing in Greek mythology. Apollo is usually shown as a blond man, wearing a silver bow and carrying a lyre. The life of this god is covered with brilliant feats that we cannot tell. God is the embodiment of the ability to drive away and avoid disasters. This has to do with the god’s power to dispel darkness by means of the morning sun, and the power of reason and foresight to dispel doubts and ignorance.

Therefore, all those born in this period are often a bit impatient, shallow, and easy to give up, despite having special talents and attractive looks. They can only achieve success in life by luck, by instinct, not by perseverance and hard work.

CANCER – Hermes

Hermes is a special god who has the ability to travel freely between the worlds, the sky, the oceans, rivers, streams, the human world, and hell, without being controlled or prevented by anyone. Hermes is likened to a multi-talented protector of thieves, travelers, angels, shepherds and herdsmen, orators, science and technology, literature and poetry, units of wages, athletics, sport, wisdom, wit, inventions, inventions, and languages.


Zeus played a dominant role, leading all the gods on Mount Olympus. He gave birth to many heroes and appeared in many myths. In many mythological works, the “cloud gatherer” is the Heavenly Father, the god of the sky and thunder, similar to the origin of the Near East. Zeus is also an ultimate cultural artifact; In a sense, Zeus was the embodiment of Greek religious beliefs and the archetypal Greek god.

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VIRGO – Demeter

Demeter is the daughter of the giants Cronus and Rhea, the sister of Zeus, and the mother of the goddess Persephone, the wife of Hades. In Greek mythology, the goddess Demeter was the Goddess of Agriculture, who ruled over crops and farming in the underworld. Demeter is often depicted in art as carrying a sheaf of rice. Goddess Demeter also symbolizes all the feminine parts of the person – that is the work of the house, family, and children.

LIBRA – Hephaestus

The patron god of those born in the zodiac Constellations sign Libra is the blacksmith god Hephaestus. He is the god of industries such as blacksmithing, crafts, sculpture, metallurgy, metallurgy, and fire. Hephaestus is the equivalent of the Vulcan image in Roman mythology.


The Scorpio zodiac Constellations – patronized by the god of war Ares. This is the god of senseless wars, violence, and killing.

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. The god corresponding to Ares in Roman mythology is Mars. Ares is also a symbol of pompous and liberal men.

Who are born in zodiac Constellations will be patronized by Ares with strong, decisive personalities, iron will, and extraordinary bravery.


Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto of the Titian lineage, the twin sister of Apollo. In Roman mythology, her image is identified with the goddess Diana.

zodiac constellations

With the symbol of the crescent moon and laurel tree, Artemis always appears with the image of a beautiful virgin, carrying a silver bow and golden arrows to hunt. She has a gentle beauty, shy flowers, and is also extremely mysterious and attractive. Purity and chastity are special things about the goddess Artemis.


The Zodiac Constellations Capricorn is the fire goddess Hestia. She is the goddess of the sacred fire of Olympus, the protector of Mazonala. He is the god of the fire, the gathering, and the affluence in the family; It also symbolizes morality, respect, kindness, piety, and goodwill.

Hestia has always been the image of a family woman, a wonderful mother, and wife, always bringing a cozy fire, and keeping the whole family happy. Therefore, those who have a wife born in Capricorn will be the happiest men in the world.


Hera, queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage and family is the patron deity of Aquarius. She is also the main wife of the supreme god Zeus. The figure of the person corresponds to the god Juno of Roman mythology.

The Queen of Olympus is a symbol of majesty, splendor, majesty, and arrogance. His authority made other gods respect him. The sharpness, courage, and daring of the goddess are the virtues of modern and individual women. This is also the personality that people born in the zodiac Constellations Aquarius inherit from this goddess.

PISCES – Poseidon

The patron god of the Pisces zodiac Constellations sign is Poseidon, the god of the sea and “the one who shakes the earth” during earthquakes. His figure is equivalent to the sea god Rodon in Illyrian mythology, Nethuns in Etruscan mythology, and Neptune in Roman mythology.


The topic of the 12 zodiac constellations is always of great interest to many people. Above is an article sharing about the legends and guardian gods of the 12 zodiac signs. Thank you for your time!

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