Interesting And Fun Halloween Activities For Kids

fun halloween activities

Halloween festival is popular in Western countries. During traditional holidays in the West, fun Halloween activities take place for everyone, especially children.

Why should we organize fun Halloween activities?

Halloween originates from Western countries, this spooky festival is eagerly anticipated by both adults and children. Every October, on large and small streets, countless typical Halloween decorations appear such as pumpkin lanterns, costume costumes, devil masks…

Even in schools and in many families, people are bustling with ideas for organizing festivals and displaying many impressive and fun Halloween activities. This activity helps children enjoy the special festive atmosphere, transform into their favorite characters, and participate in many fun Halloween activities. Furthermore, children will understand the meaning of Halloween and the strange customs associated with the Halloween festival with a comfortable and happy mentality.

Let’s learn about indispensable fun Halloween activities and popular Halloween party games that you should know.

Fun Halloween activities for children

1. Trick Or Treat – Fun Halloween games

Trick Or Treat is a commonly used saying on Halloween night. “Trick” originally meant to deceive, a mischievous trick; “Treat” meant to welcome, treat kindly, entertain. Children, teenagers, and young adults dress up in costumes and masks of devils, then carry pumpkin lanterns and go from house to house in the neighborhood, knocking on doors and saying “Trick or Treat”. often teased”.

This sentence can be understood simply as: “If you want us not to be mean, please treat us to something.”

Usually, neighbors always want to avoid “tricks”, which means playing tricks, so they often treat them with candy and fruit (customarily with coins inside).

fun halloween activities

2. Dunking

According to custom, the apple is a sacred fruit used to worship the gods, so many games are related to this fruit on Halloween night, the most popular being the competition to get as many apples as possible. in a bowl of water, or compete in peeling apples, the longer the apple peel, the longer it will live…

Dunking, also known as apple bobbing, involves apples floating in a bathtub or large basin of water and participants must use their teeth to pick up an apple. A variation of dunking involves kneeling on a chair, holding a fork between your teeth, and trying to drop them into an apple.

Another Halloween fun activity involves hanging pies coated with molasses or syrup on a tree with a string that the player must eat without using their hands, and this is sure to excite the game participants. has a face covered in syrup.

3. Fortune telling

Some of the traditional fun Halloween activities are forms of fortune-telling. The custom of taking apples on All Saints’ Eve is not just a game but a lucky ritual. The more apples a person gets, the luckier he or she will be in the coming year. Whichever girl grabs the apple will get married that year.

As in Scotland, fortune-telling to find a future spouse every Halloween is very popular. First, peel an apple into long strips, then toss the peel over your shoulder. When the apple peel falls to the ground it will take the shape of the first letter of the future spouse’s name.

Unmarried women have said that if they sit in a dark room and look in the mirror on Halloween night, their future husband’s face will appear in the mirror. However, if they die before marriage, a skull will appear. That form appeared a lot on greeting cards from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

4. Decorate lanterns and house

The Lantern Festival originates from Irish customs. According to legend, Jack was famous for his alcoholism and intelligence.

He tricked Satan into climbing to the top of the tree, then carved a cross on the base of the tree and tied the demon to it. Jack made a deal with the demon that if it stopped teasing him, he would let it go.

Because he committed many sins, when he died, he could not go to heaven or hell. Therefore, he had to wander many places looking for a place to stay. The only warmth that warmed him in the cold was the flickering candle in the pumpkin.

Children often play games of carving pumpkins, potatoes, or squash; Then carve the shapes of faces on them, and put candles inside to light them. These lanterns are called “Jack O’Lanterns”.

Images of pumpkins are also decorated on the door and inside the house. This is the occasion when the house is decorated to create a spooky atmosphere for Halloween.

Michael Myers Halloween Movie Horror Poster

Best choice for decoration house, Halloween Movie Horror Poster.


Michael Myers Halloween Movie Horror Poster
Halloween Sign All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall Poster

Halloween Sign All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall Poster

Basic Halloween decoration in the fall season.


5. Tell ghost stories and watch Halloween horror movies

When talking about Halloween, people often think of spirits. Therefore, ghost stories become even more sinister during the festival night and one of the most fun Halloween activities. Episodes of television series and Halloween-themed specials are often broadcast on Halloween or before the holiday, while new horror films are often released theatrically before the holiday to take advantage of the holiday atmosphere.

fun halloween activities

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6. Light a fire

Lighting fires is considered a way to encourage fairies to come out of their graves and walk with the living. Many people believe that is why people like to dress in disguise on Halloween; it makes each person live as another person, no longer themselves. Costumes and masks will confuse evil spirits or help ward them off.


Above is useful information about Halloween, with interesting stories and fun Halloween activities taking place on this day that Happyinktee shares with you. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this festival!