Purim – The Jewish Holiday History And Features


Purim-Jewish holidays for people that are not connected to the culture of the people seem to be something unknown, mysterious, and at the same time fascinating.

Purim – a holiday and fun!

Purim – spring festival. Usually, it is held in March. Some even believe that Purim – the Jewish holiday of March 8. However, this is very misleading.

Like all Jewish holidays, it is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and corresponds to the 14 numbers of the Aydar month. So when Purim is celebrated in a certain year, it is known to not everyone.

The action begins with a holiday associated with the rescue of a large part of the Jewish population from imminent death in Persian captivity. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Jewish leaders Mordechai and Esther who sacrificed beauty the Jewish people escaped the terrible massacre since this recall for about 2,500 years. And all those taking part in the ceremony are ordered to have fun and enjoy this rescue every year.

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Purim: The story of prophecy

The events precede the stories of Purim, starting in 586 BC. e. This year, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the temple, taking away thousands of Jewish prisoners. The Babylonian captivity lasted 47 years, then by decree of King Cyrus II allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and begin rebuilding the temple. However, the advantage of this opportunity is a little more than 40 thousand people.


Purim story from the Babylonian exile and ending with the events described in the book of Esther is linked to the prophecy of Jeremiah, who foretold the rebuilding of Jerusalem 70 years after the destruction and death of Jerusalem. Babylonian kingdom. These facts help to understand what is important for the Jewish holiday of Purim, which is for them a very special day.

Almost all Babylonian and Persian kings lived in fear of this prophecy and hoped that it would be false. Prophecy has long protected the Jews, as none of the rulers dared harm them in fear of the invisible Jewish god.

All that changed with the rise to power of the Persian king Ahasuerus, one of the most powerful and stubborn rulers of Persia, who created one of the greatest empires in the ancient world. Deciding that the prophecies of the time were up, he performed a feast for 180 days in a sign of their superiority over the Jews of God, having failed to fulfill the word. prophesy. It mentions in Jewish sources, that the king of Persia, made a mistake in his calculations and a few years later he died.


The story begins with the fact that Xerxes banished his wife for refusing to dance naked in the king’s close presence. He is looking for a new wife. After a long Smotrin Xerex chose Esther, the niece of the Jewish sage Mardehaya, the human, Xerxes saved from the conspiracy.

At the same time, the second Persian, near the king, Haman became Amilikityanin. One day he ran into Mardehaem, who refused to bow to the nobles. This “bold” is the reason for the terrible revenge that Aman has decided to cook all the Jews.

Haman came to Xerxes and said that in life the empire was seduced by the Jews, which were not subject to the laws of Persia and the King, and honored only their god and its own traditions. The angry ruler ordered one to be written to destroy all the Jews living in Persia. Aman decided to cast lots to determine on which day he would exterminate the Jews. He then sent messengers throughout the empire with messages about the beginning of the massacres of 12 and 13 Aydar.



The only one who could save the Jews, Esther became able to influence the king’s decisions. However, even this venture is very dangerous, as it is necessary to lure Xerxes with a claim for violation of the building order. This could lead to her death.

Mordechai comes up with a risky plan on how to get Atrtakserksa’s attention, not provoke anger. Everything else depends entirely on charm and fear queen.

Risking their lives, Esther dedicates several colleagues to Xerxes. During long conversations she was able to convince her husband of Jewish devotion, reminding him exactly who had saved him from the conspiracy. As a result, the king believed in Haman’s cunning and treachery. Learning that was the real cause of attacks against the chosen people, the formidable ruler of Persia brought down all the fury in Aman and his family, having wrapped up all the decrees against him.

The first thing the king commanded formidably – people hang Haman on the gallows to prepare Mardehayu. Since the king of Persia could not revoke their own order, he allowed the Jews to protect their lives and the lives of their children in arms against anyone who laid a hand. for them.

Thus, 12 and 13 Aydar Jews met their killer face to face. Two days continued fighting across Persia, during which all attackers were killed or fled. The total refers to 70 000 dead, including 10 sons of Haman, who led a failed genocide.

The Purim of the Jews

14 Aydar the Jews knew that the danger was over and they had escaped death. It begins a wonderful memory that lasts all day. Mardehay ordered to make this day special for it to be a reminder for future generations of the fatal event. In the book of the feast of Esther called the days of feasting and gladness.

His name is Jewish Purim from the word “Pur” (lot). Therefore, the name symbolizes the fact that the fate of those who try to solve, casts a lot.


The Purim holiday is a day of remembrance of God’s salvation for the Jewish people. Hope this article by Happyinktee helps you understand more about the history of this holiday. Thank you for watching.

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