Queen Elizabeth II – the special monarch of England


Queen Elizabeth II is an exceptional monarch in history, reigning over the world’s largest territory, and an iconic figure of England.

Who is the Queen of England?

Queen of England is a noun used to refer to the derogation of a woman as emperor, ruling an Empire, and the woman ruling a Kingdom is called a Queen. Until September 8, 2022, the person holding the title of Queen of England is Mrs. Elizabeth II, this is the oldest monarch to the present time after the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and is the former head of state. the longest incumbent head of state after the death of King Bhumibol of Thailand.

The successor to the House of Windsor who rules until September 8, 2022, is Mrs. Elizabeth ii because she died on September 8, 2022, and her successor will be Crown Prince Charles as announced by the Royal Board of Directors. Body in the UK.

Queen Elizabeth II

In the United Kingdom, the title of Queen of England is complicated, Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, died at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 2022. an official statement, the Queen passed away peacefully. Her full title is: “By the grace of God, Queen Elizabeth II of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her territories and other territories, Head of the Commonwealth, and defend Christianity. Here “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United”.

Queen Elizabeth II became heir to the throne in 1936 at the age of 10 following the enthronement of her father King George VI. In 1947, she married her husband Prince Mountbatten. In 1952 King George died suddenly, Mrs. Elizabeth was immediately made Queen and she was crowned in 1953 she honored the Silver, Gold, and Diamond Jubilees as a female. Queen in 1977, 2002, and 2012. In 2015, she surpassed Queen Victoria’s record of 63 years. The platinum jubilee of her reign was celebrated on the occasion of her 70-year reign on the throne on 6 February 2022.

Things to know about Queen Elizabeth II – the oldest reigning monarch today.

Queen Elizabeth II is a special monarch, as she has broken many previous records set by monarchs around the world, including records that have existed for more than 3 centuries, and come Her time has fallen. In particular, the most important record is the “longest woman to hold the throne” in world history, with 25,782 days, equivalent to 70 years 214 days.

Queen Elizabeth II reigns over a territory 1.1 times the size of the Russian Federation – the largest country in the world by area.

Currently, in the world, there are only 43 monarchy countries, ruled or ruled by a royal family, hereditary. Usually, each monarch rules only one country, for example, King Filipe VI is ruling the Kingdom of Spain; King Norodom Sihamoni is ruling the Kingdom of Cambodia; …

But Queen Elizabeth II of England is the only exception, as she is the head of state of 15/43 monarchy states, accounting for 35% of the states. monarchy in the world today. That is, in addition to holding the position of Queen of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, Elizabeth II is also the queen of 14 other countries of the “Commonwealth realm”.

With this status, the territory under her kingship amounted to 18.7 million square kilometers

When she was born, Elizabeth II did not seem to have a chance to inherit the British throne

In 1926, Princess Elizabeth was born, the first daughter of “Prince George, Duke of York”. Elizabeth’s father is only the second son of King George V, ahead of her father in the line of succession is her uncle – Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. Therefore, her chances of inheriting the throne seem to be zero, which is more certain when her grandfather dies, and her uncle ascends the throne of England with the title Edward VIII.

But fate fell on her father’s head, when her uncle, who had only been king for 326 days, decided to abdicate on the grounds of “following the call of love”… King Edward VIII fell in love with an American woman named Wallis Simpson, this woman has a glorious history when she has been divorced 2 times, this is why the British Royal Family does not accept the king’s marriage, so Edward VIII chose to give up the throne. gold to run after love – he is the rare monarch in human history who dares to give up his throne in exchange for the love of a woman.

Queen Elizabeth II

Since King Edward VIII has no wife or children, the throne will be ceded to his closest sibling, who is none other than Elizabeth’s father. The Duke of York ascended the throne with the title of George VI, so his eldest child, Princess Elizabeth, automatically became the number one in the line of succession to the British throne.

In fact, Elizabeth’s father did not want to take over the throne, first because he was not trained to be a king, and second reason was more serious… because he had a “stammer”, which was why King George VI’s stuttering has been incorporated into many art forms, most famously in the 2010 film The King’s Speech, which won four Oscars…

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the longest-serving monarchs in history

In 1952, King George VI died, and Princess Elizabeth assumed the British throne with the title Elizabeth II, she held the throne for 70 years and 214 days and is the longest-serving monarch in history. history of England and the second longest in the world, second only to King Louis XIV of France, holding the throne for 72 years and 110 days. But in terms of female rulers, queen Elizabeth 2 is the longest holding the throne in the history of the world.

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