Top 8 interesting movies on Netflix in 2022

movies on Netflix

The top movies on Netflix are appreciated for their content and picture quality. Let’s explore this list of the most searched good movies of 2022!

1. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Movie content:

The film follows the hugely successful first part “To All the Boys: I’ve Love You Before”. In the last episodes, the two main characters Lara Jean (Lara Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) become a couple.

With the second part, director Michael Fimognari titled “To All the Boys: I Still Love You”, brings a mature and captivating love story of a young couple.

Thought that their love story was smooth and perfect after coming together. But Lara soon showed signs of a rift when she and Peter constantly had conflicts.

At that moment, John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) – one of the guys who received her love letter suddenly appeared. He is the reason that helps the couple realize the imperfections in their relationship.

What will be Lara’s final decision when her heart has fallen into a love triangle? Will she pursue a fairy tale ending or a return to reality? Viewers will feel many different emotions in love, as well as gain more mature lessons through the drama.

2. Xtreme – good movies on Netflix

Movie content:

“You said he was dead. Now he wants revenge” (He said he was dead. But now he wants revenge). This is the saying that appeared in the trailer, which partly speaks to the charisma and attractiveness of the Xtreme movie.

With the rulers, the work is appreciated. Thereby being on the list of good odd movies on Netflix in 2022.

The director is set in his hometown of Barcelona. It begins when Lucero – Max’s brother betrays family members. He killed Max’s father and son and then left him to die.

After being lucky to be saved, Max is determined to return for revenge. Thanks to the help of Maximo tycoon’s daughter Maria, after two years of preparation, his plan is now being carried out step by step.

3. Awake

Movie content:

If you are looking for good movies on Netflix in 2022, then Awake is definitely not to be missed. This is a work of the psychological, sensational, or apocalyptic genre.

Through the changes in character psychology, the film gives an insight into the dark nature of people’s thoughts when they are close to death.

4. Fatherhood

Movie content:

The film is inspired by the true story of the memoir “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love” by author Matthew Logelin. The story follows the process of raising a child of a single father Matt after his wife suddenly passed away.

Facing everyone’s suspicions as well as his own fears, he always tries to take on the hardest job in the world: Being a father.

In addition to humorous situations, the film also honors the beautiful fatherhood. Thereby fully expressing a father’s love for his child. Undoubtedly, Fatherhood is one of the best movies on netflix that you should not miss.

5. The Ice Road

Movie content:

The top good movie on Netflix in 2021 is called The Ice Road. The story revolves around the life-and-death rescue of an experienced driver. He tried to save the lives of miners trapped in the frozen ocean after the diamond mine collapsed.

The danger is getting closer and closer as the ice melts, threatening the lives of my crew members. At the same time, the greedy face of companies is also revealed. From there reveal the terrible conspiracy hidden behind.

6. Outside The Wire

Movie content:

This is an excellent science fiction film directed by Mikael Hafstrom. The work is about a drone pilot who violates the instructions of his superiors to save his comrades. However, he was still punished and sent to Ukraine.

There, he meets a cyborg officer who has the ability to think and act like a human. Throughout the film is the process of two people working together to prevent a nuclear bomb disaster.

Through the suspenseful plot as well as the dramatic action, Outside The Wire is highly appreciated by critics as one of the good stand-alone movies on Netflix 2022.

7. Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney animated movie – Raya and the Last Dragon (British title: Raya and the Last Dragon) is good odd movies on Netflix that you can’t miss. The work is critically acclaimed from the visual effects to the content.

The plot is the journey following the young girl Raya and the last god dragon Sisu on their journey to find their homeland. The world of Kumandra is invaded by the Druun – evil spirits that petrify everything in their path.

500 years ago, in order to protect human life, dragons sacrificed themselves to eliminate the evil force. 500 years later that force continues to take revenge.

Raya and the dragon god must work together to find the fragments of the dragon ball, defeat them again and free the petrified people.

8. Wednesday

The film opens with the fourth episode to take revenge on his brother’s kidnappers by releasing carnivorous fish into the swimming pool. The incident caused her to be transferred and informed that she was required to receive documents from the project psychologist. Wednesday was taken by his parents to Nevermore Academy – a boarding school for extremists, and freaks and this is also where Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) attended.

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Above are the top 8 good movies on Netflix 2022 that Happyinktee has shared with you. Hopefully, these videos will bring you interesting moments of entertainment during these days of separation.

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