The myths and legends of the zodiac Aries

aries birthday

If you are interested in this Aries zodiac sign, let’s find out these interesting legends.

Legend of the zodiac Aries

A star in the sky takes about fifteen to twenty million years to form and ten billion years to disappear. So what is a constellation? Behind them is always a mystery, left by humans as in ancient legends, the most popular being our twelve constellations. At the head of the twelve signs is the sheep Aries, today let’s find out how this constellation was formed!

According to Greek mythology, Aries is the embodiment of the golden fleece

Those who are fans of the Argo sailors can’t help but know the golden fleece, the beginning of the adventure. So where did the golden fleece of the Colchis kingdom’s treasure Aries begin?

Once upon a time in the days of the demigods, a cloud goddess named Nephele married the earthly king Athamas king of Cronus. She had two children with him, Phrius and Helle, after the king got tired of his wife, he tried to chase her away to take Ino, the daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes, as his wife. When she was brought back to the king, she had two children with her, fearing that her children would not have the right to inherit the throne, she plotted to have Athamas kill Nephele’s son.


In those years corn was the main food source of the whole country of Croneus, based on which Ino devised a scheme to incite the women of the kingdom to roast corn before planting to prevent it from sprouting. At the same time, she bribed the prophet who at that time was investigating the people. The prophet told Athamas that Nephele’s two children were an omen, and advised the king to sacrifice Phrius along with Helle as Ino suggested to him. The cloud goddess foresaw this, so long ago she sent a golden sheep named Aries, bestowed by Zeus, to protect them.

When the day of the sacrifice finally arrived, Aries urged Phrius and Helle to climb on their backs to escape, but unfortunately, when crossing the ocean Helle fell into the deep sea and died (where she died today is called Hellesponte Bay). Returning to Phrius, Aries took him to the kingdom of Colchis, where because of his infertility, the king of Colchis adopted Phrius as his son, after his princess for him.

Not knowing how to repay his father and Zeus, Phrius offered Aries to Zeus as thanksgiving and hung the golden fleece at the top of the tallest tree where the dragon guarded never slept so that the country of Colchis Gets fresh plants and good soil. As for Aries, after giving it to Zeus, he was taken to the sky by the god to become the constellation Aries to highlight the courage of this sheep.

Characteristics of Aries star sign

Date of birth

The inhabitants of this constellation were born around the time of the Qingming New Year and lasted until the middle of April, which is from the twenty-first day of March to the end of April 10 (March 21, 19). 4). Because they were born in the warm weather, this constellation signs are always warm in life and love, but be careful when too much warmth can burn into flames at any time.


Aries derived from the Greek myth of the golden fleece, later commonly known as Aries or Ram. Aries is also another name for Aries but is little known, usually only called by April Horoscopers.


This constellation is the embodiment of the golden sheep when brought to the sky by Zeus, who took the sheep’s horns as a symbol of bravery, ingenuity, and wisdom to choose the right time for this constellation. In addition, the sign of this constellation is like a tree bud, meaning the beginning, fresh, representing the beginning of the twelve zodiac signs.

aries birthday

Significance of this April constellation

At the head of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and formed in the spring, this constellation symbolizes light and life, according to Greek mythology the sheep symbol sacrifice and fidelity. And the ram in the west is the embodiment of love, so the inhabitants of this constellation when in love are often very passionate, but falling in love with this zodiac sign is extremely difficult. Because people of this sign are often ruled by Mars, so even if they are gentle sheep, they have a boiling fire, so it is easy to burn you.

Aries is new spring, new life, and faithful love

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Thus, the recent information has provided readers with a full range of legends as well as gifts for this constellation girl born in April. We hope that this information helps you to better understand yourself or your other half. We invite you to read and watch Happyinktee‘s next articles for more interesting knowledge

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