The top 10 Canada holidays should not be missed

canada holidays

The land of maple leaves is famous for its beautiful scenes in Canada, in addition, Canada Holidays 2023 are also a highlight that makes foreign visitors to this land more nostalgic. To choose the right time to travel, some Canada Holidays are also a reasonable option.

1. Winter Festival in Quebec

Although it is said to be one of the Canadian holidays, with its scale and wide popularity, this can be considered the winter festival of the whole world. The origin of this festival stems from the typical icy weather in Canada’s winter. Therefore, in addition to being immersed in the festive atmosphere, you can also experience the cool air that is rare in Vietnam.

Canada Holidays takes place within 17 days so it’s easier for you to join. Specifically, the organization period will last from late January to mid-December each year.

2. Winterlude Festival – Ottawa

Winterlude is held in February every year. This ceremony will be a great time for you to visit Canada. If you arrive early, you will experience the ceremony that takes place from morning to evening. Thanks to that, you better understand the culture, people, and how to organize the ceremony.

The activities take place on the banks of the Rideau Canal, which is known as the largest ice rink in the world. Therefore, when participating in this ceremony, you do not miss the exciting skiing part, admiring the exquisite masterpieces. In addition, you completely immerse yourself in concerts and participate in exciting outdoor games and indispensable traditional Canadian cuisine when your stomach speaks.

3. Montreal Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is held in late June or early July. The largest music show in Canada with over 500 performances by about 2000 artists from 20 countries worldwide. When attending this ceremony, you can enjoy live music tunes.

4. Big Canada holidays– National Day of Canada

canada holidays 2023

July 1 every year will be one of the most important Canada Holidays for Canadians, this is the National Day of this country. At this time, the whole people will have a break to participate in other interesting activities. People will mostly wear red and white clothes (like the colors of the Canadian flag). You can also see many people wearing national flags or having them painted on their faces to celebrate.

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5. Vancouver Fireworks Festival

Not only big festivals like National Day, there are fireworks in Canada, but there is also the Vancouver Fireworks Festival. This is also the largest fireworks festival in the world, so it also partly resonates with the country of maple leaves. Therefore, if possible, you should come to Canada on this occasion to experience this unique festival for yourself. This festival is held in major cities in Canada. The fireworks festival program takes place on July 25 and lasts for 4 days.

6. Calgary Cowboy Festival

Are you someone who likes horse owners, steppe meadows, mingling with poetic nature, or athletic cowboys? If the answer is “yes,” then you should attend the Calgary Cowboy Festival in Canada. If you love horse owners and secretly idolize cowboys, this is a festival you should definitely attend at least once. You don’t need to be afraid of missing out or not having enough of your game because this festival takes place in the 2nd and 3rd week of July and lasts 10 days.

When attending the ceremony, you can enjoy fierce horse racing between cowboys with signature suits, shoes, and hats. The cheering atmosphere of the audience makes you even more excited and unforgettable during this time.

7. Celtic Colors International Festival

The Celtic Colors Festival is held in mid-October and lasts about 1 week. Here you will be immersed in classical music with Gaelic sound by famous artists.

8. Edmonton Folk Festival

Edmonton is one of the most iconic folk festivals in the world. This occasion was born in 1980. Canadians still hold this folk festival in August every year. The Folk Festival is a showcase of Edmonton’s favorite dishes, featuring both European and Asian dishes, including some of the world’s finest beers and wines.

canada holidays

With such outstanding features, it will be an omission if you miss the unique culture. Especially, the entrance fee is affordable, so you won’t need to worry about the budget.

9. Toronto International Film Festival

The city of Toronto is not only famous for having a modern Canadian education, but it is also home to interesting ceremonies, such as international film festivals. If you’re a movie fan, definitely don’t miss the Sundance International Film Festival in Toronto. Taking place in September every year in Toronto, this is also the time when Canada has warm weather, suitable for Asians to travel.

10. Comedy Festival in Montreal

Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal began to be held in 1983. The festival culture is still maintained to this day. Every year in Montreal, comedy is always enthusiastically participated in and supported by residents and tourists. Laughter will help you feel a lot more joyful and motivated to continue working and studying.


Here is the list of the top 10 Canada Holidays that Happyinktee shares with you. Hope that you will have a chance to join one of the uproarious holidays. Thanks for your time.