Cancer Zodiac Traits: Sign Dates, Legend & Love

cancer zodiac traits

If you are a Cancer, you will probably have many questions about cancer zodiac traits. Join Happyinktee to discover what is the secret of cancer personality traits.

cancer zodiac traits

The Legend and Origin of Cancer

According to Greek mythology, Hercules was the son of Zeus, the husband of the goddess Hera. So Hera hated Hercules and caused madness, causing him to commit the murder of his wife and children. He was punished as a slave to King Eurystheus. To save his life, Hercules was forced to complete 12 dangerous trials. The second challenge is to kill the Hydra in Lerna.

The goddess Hera sent the monster Carcinus, a giant crab, to support the python. The crab bit Hercules on the knee to prevent him from attacking the snake. However, Hercules cut off the snake’s ghastly head one by one and also destroyed the crab with ease. In honor of the loyal who died on duty, the goddess Hera placed Carcinus in the sky and called the constellation Cancer.

What does Cancer represent?

Cancer is the 4th of the 12 zodiac signs. If your birthday falls between June 21 and July 22, you will have cancer zodiac traits.

Cancer is a symbol of water, ruled by the Moon star, so people of the day sign have a capricious personality. Like the full moon, they can be happy and happy at the same time and then quickly change to a sad and miserable state. Cancer’s great advantage is kindness, tenderness, and romance.

Cancer people are surrounded by a cold appearance like crabs with tough shells. However, few people know that behind that disguise is a fragile and sensitive soul. They have a rich, mysterious spirit that can be compared to the undercurrents of the sea.

Symbols of Cancer

As the legend mentioned above, the Cancer symbol is the crab image. The symbol for Cancer is ♋, like a crab’s claws touching each other. The tough shell and sharp claws create a strong appearance, but the hard shell is only used to protect the vulnerable underside of the crab.

Decoding Cancer zodiac traits

Man’s cancer zodiac traits

  • Deep, mature, and careful: A cancer male traits seem to be quiet because they always have extremely deep thoughts before speaking. Before acting, Cancer also always thinks and considers carefully. They exude the maturity of a mature man.
  • Gentle, delicate: The empathy and sophistication of the Cancer man is a plus point in the eyes of every girl. He has good observation and intuition, so he can choose the behavior that makes you most comfortable. Cancer is very careful and delicate in communication, always knowing how not to let himself lose his temper and lead to rude actions.
  • Rich imagination: The male Cancer is the romantic and flighty type. He can paint countless good scenarios in the future just when he is just starting to fall for someone. Sometimes those dreams are somewhat unrealistic.
  • Kind, empathetic: Cancer men are usually quite sociable in the crowd. With people they trust and respect, you will be surprised at how friendly and kind they are. Cancer can sacrifice wholeheartedly to help friends and relatives.

Woman’s cancer Zodiac traits

  • Gentle, caring: The cancer woman traits may not care about herself but is ready to protect her relatives and friends. The Crab girl is always gentle, careful, and attentive to her loved ones.
  • Sensitive and emotional: Being introverted, and liking to dream, Cancer women are quite sensitive and emotional. She is quick to tears, just a Korean love story or movie can make her cry.
  • Smart and talented: One of the woman’s cancer zodiac traits is always trying and trying to achieve what she wants. Not liking to rely on others, the Cancer woman tries to demonstrate her abilities through her achievements. With talent and intelligence, Cancer makes many people accept the results they reap.
  • Conservatism: This is the Cancer woman’s weakness. It is very difficult for Cancer to change her thoughts or decisions, sometimes she is very stubborn and conservative.
cancer zodiac traits

Choosing meaningful gifts that suitable for cancer zodiac traits


The characteristic of Cancer people is that they are extremely emotional, so a photo album is an object that stores images or memories that are extremely suitable for Cancer people because they are inclined, people. emotional rather than physical.

Kitchen tools

This is a meaningful gift for Cancerians who love to cook. Kitchen tools that can help them make their housework lighter, some gifts in the kitchen such as Pots, non-stick pans, food containers, …

Novels, love stories

Books and romance novels are extremely meaningful gifts for romantic people, especially women, with compelling stories that bring a lot of emotions to Cancer. Novels or love stories are like words from a boy to a girl.

Flowers, cards

Flowers are gifts that express the most cherished and beautiful things to the recipient. In addition, the card is like a link between the sender and the receiver containing meaningful wishes or messages to the recipient.


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Handmade gifts will be a great choice when you give Cancer, they will feel more appreciated and loved by you because of the sincerity in love and the great meaning you have given them. Surely Cancer will be very happy and appreciate what you have given them.


Hope the above article helps you find meaningful gifts and get more information about cancer zodiac traits. Any questions please leave a comment below on Happyinktee!