Top 10 most loved Marvel superheroes on screen


Marvel movies have become indispensable spiritual food for people who love superhero characters. If you’re a die-hard MCU fan, you’ll probably have the most popular names in your mind.

Together with Happyinktee, let’s take a look at the characters who have won the admiration and love of many viewers on the screen. Which Marvel superheroes are those? Discover now!


Ant-Man, also known as Ant-Man, is one of the Marvel superheroes that broke many standards right after launch. The film premiered in 2015 and is based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name lad Scott Lang and Hank Pym.

In order to create the image of a successful Marvel superhero like Ant, it is necessary to incarnate a talented actor and fortunately, Paul Rudd agreed. Even Marvel can’t replace him with anyone because the actor is also the one in charge of writing the script for the movie to make the film flow easily to understand and connect the characters.

In order to gain the love of the fans, Paul tried to breathe life into the role, helping the Ant appear in a close, simple, and slightly fun way to the viewers. Not only performing the task of saving the world, but the father’s heart is also the bright spot of this character. It can be said that the Ant is not simply a movie about superheroes, but for the most part, this is a work with the theme of family love.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, although in terms of strength, she is quite underrated in the Marvel super heroes tower, but this character also has very unique features that make us surprised when enjoying the movies she appeared in. presently.

The skill this beautiful girl possesses is not inferior at all to Clint Barton and this has been proven in a time when Natasha defeated this character even though Clint Barton is rated for high melee ability. than. Besides, in order to become a super spy, Natasha also repeatedly demonstrated her extreme information-gathering skills.

Doctor Strange

doctor strange

The 14th movie in the Marvel Universe is called Doctor Strange and this is also the part that creates another superhero that is loved by many people, none other than Doctor Strange.

The film’s content revolves around Stephen Strange – a leading neurosurgeon in the world who possesses a superior memory. His peaceful life suddenly changed completely when a car accident took his hands, which also meant that Stephen could not continue his path as a talented surgeon.


Thor must be indispensable in the list of the most loved characters on the screen. When mentioning this name, we will immediately remember a powerful god, the son of a god, holding in his hand the power of thunder.


If Thor is often mentioned by many people because of his impressive appearance, Hulk is popular with the public not because of his appearance. The attraction of this green giant lies in its tough, enduring spirit and tremendous strength.

Hulk is a character with many facets that can be exploited in the sequels of the superhero series from Marvel because the number of Hulk’s avatars is extremely large. Each person represents a little side

Captain America

Captain Marvel impresses viewers when appearing in the series Marvel in 7 movies so far. The image of a Marvel superhero with an upright, strong, loyal, and extremely handsome personality has helped him win the love of many people.



Spider-Man is the superhero with the largest fan base because many children also love this guy. This particular character came to the public from the first three films released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 played by Tobey Maguire. The unforgettable memories of the 9X brothers and sisters were created like that.

Iron Man

An indispensable name in the list of favorite superheroes is Iron Man. Not only is the armor combined with the flying fortress of the main Iron Man Not only made from an alloy of gold and titanium but the suit in the most recent movies is also upgraded by Iron Man with nanotechnology to shorten the time it takes to wear the suit. this costume on.

Black Panther

The Black Panther character first appeared in Captain America: Civil War as a teammate with Captain America, but the extremely powerful and impressive action scenes helped him attract a large fan base.

Captain Marvel

The first female superhero to be broadcast by Marvel is Captain Marvel.

The difference in this movie is not only that it tells the story of a female Marvel superhero, but the setting of the 90s is also very different from previous films. This particular direction has helped the film to be loved by many audiences. Combine that with the performance of Brie Larson – who won the best actress Oscar for portraying the image of an extremely powerful, attractive female superhero.

The special ability that this girl possesses has become more and more powerful thanks to the skills and experience of fighting while in the army.

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Every superhero appearing in the Marvel universe has a large fan base because of their personality, strength, and story surrounding their lives. If you haven’t enjoyed movies related to superheroes yet, what are you waiting for, enjoy this weekend! I hope you find your own favorite character.

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