Definition, Type & 6 Cause Of Person With A Disability

person with a disability

A person with a disability are people who always face difficulties in life and society. So they really need the help and sympathy of everyone in society.

What is a person with a disability?

Disabled people means a person who is defective in one or more body parts or has a functional impairment, which is manifested in the form of a disability, causing difficulties in working, living, and studying.

Accordingly, a person with a disability must have a defect in one or more body parts or a functional impairment, a defect or a functional impairment that is manifested in forms of disability, difficulty in working, living, or learning. They are people who have one or more physical or mental defects, which directly affect the patient’s motor or intellectual ability. Those defects cause significant impairments and long-term effects on their lives. The physical or intellectual impairment of people with disabilities will reduce their mobility, reduce their thinking, and cognitive abilities.

In other words, a disability can be a disability that lasts for a very long time and has no chance of recovery in terms of mental, physical, intellectual, or sensory effects that, when interacting with the society they face many obstacles and influences. Disadvantage to the working process and it is possible that such defects make them unable to function and do the same jobs as normal people.

Type of disability

person with a disability

1. Mobility disability is a state of reduced or lost function of movement of the head, neck, legs, arms, and torso, leading to limitations in movement and movement.

2. Hearing and speaking disability is a state of reduced or lost function of hearing, speaking or both hearing and speaking, out loud pronunciation and clear sentences leading to limitations in verbal communication and information exchange.

3. Vision disability is a condition of reducing or losing the ability to see and perceive light, colors, images, and things under normal lighting and environmental conditions.

4. Neurological and mental disabled is a disorder of perception, memory, emotion, behavior control, thinking, and manifesting with abnormal words and actions.

5. Intellectual disability is a state of reduction or loss of cognitive and thinking ability manifested by slowness or inability to think and analyze things, and phenomena, and solve problems.

6. Other disability is a state of reduction or loss of bodily functions that make working, living, and studying activities difficult.

There are the following types of disability: Movement disabilities; hearing and speaking disabilities; vision disabilities; neurological and mental disabilities; intellectual disabilities, etc., each different type of disability will have different characteristics.

Degree of disability

Disability is divided into three levels as follows:

+ People with special disabilities:

A person with a disability that results in a complete loss of function, self-control, or inability to carry out activities of walking, dressing, personal hygiene, and other tasks serving personal daily living needs. days when someone needs to be watched, helped, and cared for.

+ People with severe disabilities:

A person with a disability results in a partial loss or impairment of function and is unable to control himself or is unable to perform some activities on his own, dressing, personal hygiene, and other needs. personal daily activities that need someone to monitor, help and take care of.

+ People with mild disabilities:

Disabled people do not fall into the cases specified in the above two cases.

What is the cause of disability?

cause of disability

There are many factors that can affect a person with a disability, making them deformed and disabled, but unintentionally we do not pay attention to them. Specifically, some of the reasons below:

  • Firstly, the living environment seems to be very normal, but it has an influence on the life of each individual. Living environments with inadequate physical facilities, and cramped, weak, unhygienic living conditions, affect health and cause poverty and malnutrition. This leads to disease consequences without seeking treatment and affects the body. People who work in a toxic, dusty environment or are often exposed to chemicals, may also have a disability with missing body parts when giving birth. Environmental pollution and environmental degradation, natural disasters, also affect people significantly. Besides, the use of unscientific medicine causes complications in the body and leads to disability.
  • Second, what are the factors that lead to disability if an average person becomes disabled? It may be because they encounter accidents, risks, or while at work and have occupational accidents.
  • Third, pregnant women during pregnancy are affected by lack of oxygen, damage during a premature birth, or disease during pregnancy. Without preparation and prevention, children are often born with malformations.
  • Fourth, lack knowledge and do not implement vaccination and use available health services. Besides, the state of the body is often under pressure and stress also makes the mind itself seriously damaged, affecting the brain.
  • Fifth, it may be due to being married by blood. Ethnic minorities in remote areas often have no knowledge and marry within the same family line. Because of this thought, the child is born with a great chance of having and having a disability.
  • Finally, disability can also be congenital. It can be due to genetics, birth defects, or genetic errors,…

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