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Easter Day is often considered one of the most important Christian holidays of the year. This is also considered a special occasion to connect with family. Often families that share traditions show stronger bonds and bonds than families that do not have rituals and traditions on special occasions. So this Easter Day, create great memories with family and friends through this list of fun things to do.

Note that this is just a list of Happyinktee suggestions for you to do, not what you must do. Don’t be too pressured, but choose the activity that you feel is suitable.

  1. Create and decorate the Easter tree

Initially, the tradition of preparing for Easter day, and decorating trees, appeared in Germany. In this country, the Easter tree is called Osterbaum. Since Easter day is celebrated earlier in Catholic countries than in Orthodox Christians, it is not surprising that the ritual of decorating trees originated here. Wearing small branches with colorful ribbons and hanging painted eggs on them, people helped spring through the cold and cold winter faster. Later, the Easter tree became popular in other Western countries, becoming a symbol of the resurrection of Christ.

Easter decor

You and your family can also create and decorate your own Easter tree together in your home. A handmade Easter tree will help to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a bright holiday. This Easter tree will take on a special meaning and express your family’s style very well. You will also find that it is also extremely interesting and wonderful to prepare the materials for decoration by yourself.

  2. Get creative and make your own Easter eggs

Easter eggs, also known as Paschal eggs, are eggs that are used as gifts or decorations during this holiday. Traditionally, Easter eggs are usually made of chicken eggs, boiled and painted red to represent the blood of God. By the 12th century, this custom gradually became popular and was accepted by the Christian Church as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. Eggs have a round shape, both the starting point and the ending point, symbolizing the beginning of life. The breaking of the eggshell is a symbol of the resurrection of God from the dead.

To this easter day, Easter eggs have been made in many different styles and decorations. You can also make your own with hard-boiled eggs, plastic eggs, Chocolate eggs, or you can even make paper easter eggs. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and create unique Easter egg baskets.

People also often play the game of finding Easter eggs. The eggs are hidden in a hidden place and the administrator asks the children to find them. Whoever finds the most in the shortest time wins. This will be a favorite activity of children and adults in the family, both fun and meaningful.

Easter Eggs

3. Make Easter egg baskets with recycled materials

If you have eggs, you can’t be without a basket, right?

Try using recycled materials like paper, fabric, sweaters, milk bottles, juice boxes, cans, bottles, plastic bags, and even stuffed animals to make recycled Easter baskets to help protect The environment at the same time teaches as well as stimulates the creativity of children to reuse old utensils.

4. Save the Carrots for the Easter Bunnies

Another tradition that’s super fun for kids is to leave a carrot for the Easter Day bunny. What a wonderful way to wake up with a half-eaten carrot and a basket of easter eggs. Don’t forget to feed your child a carrot before bed the night before Easter.

5. Read books about Easter to children

Reading Easter books to children is a tradition many parents keep. Children can learn more information about the history and origins of the holiday from an interesting and receptive perspective.

6. A traditional meal with the family

Enjoying a traditional Easter dinner with family can be seen as an important part of the holiday. A feast filled with traditional Easter menu items and homemade recipes will bring your family together.

7. Making Easter Candles

Another popular gift this holiday season is the Easter candle. According to Christianity, candles are symbols of light illuminating the world, dispelling darkness and death. When the Easter candle is lit, it is as if the Lord himself is present in the ceremony. Traditionally, the body of the candle is decorated with the letters Alpha and Omega – the first and last two letters of the Greek alphabet, symbolizing the eternity of God, the source and end of all things. object.

7. Exchange secret gifts on Easter Day

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During Easter Day, Christians often give each other specific gifts, containing Easter Day meaning. Happyinktee has shared with you a list of things you can do to share and enjoy Easter Day with your family and loved ones. Thank you for following this article. Wishing you a happy and warm Easter with your family

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