Happy International Friendship Day 2023

international friendship day

International Friendship Day is considered an interesting day when you can tag your best friend to ask for a cup of delicious milk tea or organize a hearty meal to gather with your naughty and funny friends. me. However, this day has even greater significance than that. The article below will reveal to you the origin and what this International Friendship Day contains!

What is Friendship International?

International Friendship Day is commonly known as the day to celebrate the friendship between nations. It plays a very important role in promoting peace in the world. This International Day will take place on July 30 every year.

The History of the International Friendship Day

World Friendship Day was originally created by a brand called Hallmark Cards in the 1930s. The purpose was to make it an occasion for them to sell lots of greeting cards. However, contrary to expectations, the sales of this brand were quite low. Therefore, the public also gradually forgot the existence of this day

In the course of time, by 1958, the idea of ​​International Friendship Day was once again proposed. On July 20, 1958, while having dinner with friends in the town called Puerto Pinasco, in Paraguay, Dr. Ramón Artemio Bracho suddenly came up with the idea of ​​World Friendship Day and shared it. it and its colleagues. On that same fateful night, the World Crusade of Friendship was founded with the idea of promoting the idea of ​​​​commemorating friendship around the world on July 30.

In honor of this Friendship Day, in 1998, General Kofi Annan honored Winnie the Pooh as the World’s Friendship Ambassador to the United Nations. After many years, finally, in 2011, this organization decided to make July 30 every year World Friendship Day.

Some activities in different countries to celebrate the International Friendship Day

This holiday will take place on July 30 of each year. However, in some countries like India, this day can be celebrated on the first Sunday of August.

In Paraguay – the cradle of this celebration, people call it Día de la Amistad. It is considered a time when you can give gifts to your family and close friends. Many fun activities often take place in nightclubs or bars.

The game Amigo Invisible is a very popular game that people here often participate in. Specifically, small sheets of paper with player names are handed out to group members. Each of them will secretly choose one of their friends, and on July 30, the player will give a gift to the person whose name is already written on the paper. It can be played in both schools and companies, not just in pubs.

In Mexico, Finland, Estonia, and the Dominican Republic, Friendship International will be held on February 14 (along with Valentine’s Day) for those who have not yet found their soul mate.

Since 2009, Peru has celebrated El dia del Amigo – Happy Friendship Day on the first Saturday of July. This is the time recommended by the beer brand Pilsen Callao. The purpose of this is to make it easier for people to distinguish friendship from love or Valentine’s Day.

In Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina, this anniversary is an opportunity for you to gather and visit your friends. In Argentina, International Friendship Day has become a popular holiday.

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Hope this article has helped you understand more about International Friendship Day and its meaning. To organize this International Friendship Day, you can invite your friends out to “eat a piece of cake, drink a piece of water” and review old stories together. Happyinktee will continue to provide you with the most useful information and hot news of the day, so please follow the page now!