Best Vacation Spots For Couples In 2023

vacation spots for couples

On days like Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love is always an occasion for lovers to show affection and care to their “half” and enjoy sublime moments together. Let’s take each other to go best vacation spots for couples to treat themselves to a sweet and romantic memory.

Venice, Italy

When talking about the most romantic cities and vacation spots for couples in Europe, it is impossible not to mention Venice. The whole of Venice is beautiful from every angle. Explore the city together on a gondola, then savor Italian cuisine by candlelight and soak in the atmosphere of love. What could be more romantic than that?

Why is Italy one of the most vacation spots for couples in Europe?

  • VENICE is completely free of cars and trucks: Historically, bridges functioned as roads, and all traffic took place either on water or on foot.
  • Old Town: Bluewater, a wharf crowded with boats, crowded restaurants, hotels, and pubs is a unique beauty, only in Venice. Lurking behind the grandeur and magnificence of Venice is also a simple and peaceful beauty of the old quarters.
  • Kiss on the Bridge of Sighs Legend has it that “If a couple of kisses at the foot of the bridge to lament, they will be together for the rest of their lives”.

Venice – What’s fun and play in Italy

  • Explore the most charming city of Venice in Italy. Where there are so many tourist attractions that you do not know which tourist destination to choose:
    • Church of St. Mark’s
    • Square St. Mark
    • Ponte di Rialto Bridge
    • Doges Palace
    • San Marco Bell Tower

Santorini, Greece

A trip to Santorini with a significant other is a dream for anyone who has seen at least one photo of the famous Caldera island and shared kisses beneath the famous Santorini Santorini sunset is the ultimate romantic experience! The quaint white town and sprawling rows of houses perched on a hill overlooking the deep blue sea – it’s certainly the perfect romantic getaway. The Greek island nation captivates visitors with its beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque vistas, and romantic sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

Why call Santorini – Greece the most romantic place

  • Strangely built houses: Located precariously on the hillside. This scene has created a very typical architecture of this paradise island.
  • The most romantic place to propose in the world: With its inherent romantic scene, many couples have chosen Santorini as their marriage proposal.
  • The most beautiful moment of the night: extremely romantic sunsets, when the afternoon sun gradually dyes the white houses, the whole island space is filled with a shimmering fanciful atmosphere. And then when the bright moon shines on the Mediterranean Sea

What’s fun in Santorini

  • Thira Village (Fira)
  • Red Beach and white sea (Red Beach, White Beach) 
  • The village of Perissa 
  • Oia Village (Ia)
  • Nea Kameni Volcano: 


Paris always is one of the best places on the list of vacation spots for couples. Paris and “romantic” are synonymous terms. With its cinematic setting and eternal charm, Paris attracts couples from all over the world year-round. Every corner of the city is filled with romance, especially on Valentine’s Day. Wander the old cobbled streets, picnic in parks, take a moonlit cruise down the Seine and enjoy a hearty Valentine’s dinner at one of the many authentic Parisian eateries.

Why France is considered the City of Love

  • Charming beauty: Architecture and art with great beauty captivate visitors to Paris.
  • Wine and food: When coming to Paris definitely can not miss the world-class wine. Take a date and enjoy a great meal with glasses of the best quality wine.
  • Show affection: Paris is a place where people feel free to express their feelings! Cuddling with your lover in the park, or even kissing your man at the top of the Eiffel Tower… you’ll feel love everywhere.
  • Nart and museum: Paris is the city of art. There are many fashion and culture weeks held in this city, attracting attention from all over the world.

What’s interesting in France?

  • You can’t say you’ve been to Paris without taking a selfie with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, or eating a French Macaron in Laudree. In addition to having some of the best designer boutiques, food experiences, and art museums, there is also the happiest place on earth – Disneyland Paris.
    • The Colosseum Nimes Arena: 
    • The ancient fortress of Carcassonne:
    • Louvre Museum
    • Eiffel Tower

What time should I go to France?

The best time to travel around France is in the spring (April to June) and in the fall (September to November) when the weather is cool, the cost is quite affordable and there are no fewer tourists than on a normal day.


Sapa not only has a diverse culture but it is also favored by nature with unique and magical scenery. The valleys of terraced fields are ripe with golden yellow, the sea of ​​clouds floating, and the mountains and hills are fresh.

Coming to Sapa, couples will be immersed in the natural scenery with fog covered, creating a romantic space. Not only possessing beautiful and poetic scenery, Sapa also has many interesting attractions

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For couples, creating good vacation spots for couples is an extremely important “keep the love fire” activity. Hopefully, the suggestions of extremely interesting and sweet vacation spots for couples that Happyinktee suggests can help you have a great start.