Traditional Halloween dishes for kids

halloween dishes

Halloween is a festival held on October 31 every year. This is an opportunity for people to enjoy the delicious flavors of unique Halloween dishes.

halloween meals

Most tasty Halloween dishes for kids

Spooky bento

On Halloween, prepare these spooky bento boxes for your little ones to take to school! I’m sure your kids will love it when they enjoy this fun, beautiful bento box in front of their friends!

This bento box provides children with a nutritious meal with meat, rice, carrot, and salad,… extremely diverse, creating a delicious flavor, is very easy to eat, and is not boring at all.

Mummy sausage

The mummy sausages grilled to a fragrant golden brown look beautiful. The shape of the dish looks very cute. Makes people extremely excited when they enjoy it!

The dish has a delicious crispy crust mixed with delicious sausages, dipping in ketchup and fatty cheese sauce, making the dish burst with flavor.

The rice is shaped into a face, and placed on top of lettuce, fresh broccoli with lovely sausages, and extremely eye-catching red tomatoes next to it, which will create a lot of attraction.

Spooky pizza

Spooky pizzas are displayed with extremely cute and eye-catching colors and shapes. Promises to make your little ones love it and want to eat it forever!

The cake stands out with the orange-red color of tomato sauce and the shape of a white ghost made from mozzarella delicious and attractive. The layer of bread eaten together has a crispy and fragrant taste and is very delicious when eaten with chili sauce, pickles, or cucumber.

halloween meals

Cocktail Halloween

Cocktail is a kind of drink. Commonly includes one or more types of wine combined, suitable for night parties. Halloween cocktail at home with a very simple recipe that doesn’t take much time will help family members enjoy this new flavor right away!

Phantom strawberry

Ghost strawberries covered in white chocolate with a simple sweet and sour taste, it’s easy to make and extremely delicious. The lovely appearance of the dish will enrich your family’s Halloween dishes.

Spooky ice cream

Cool ice cream bars with beautiful colors and shapes are lovingly shaped based on the shapes of vampires, mummies, Frankensteins, and ghosts.

The sweet and fatty taste of cashew cream, combined with other ingredients such as grated coconut, honey, chocolate, and Mint,… created ice creams both beautiful and unique.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is a typical symbol of Halloween, so soups made from this ingredient are indispensable. Pumpkin lanterns are a symbol of Halloween, and soup made from this ingredient is also an indispensable dish in the last days of October. Depending on the region, there are recipes for making soup. Differently, you can cook pumpkin soup cooked with pumpkin beef or lamb. In addition to pumpkin soup, pumpkin can be used to make eye-catching and fragrant cakes and pies for Halloween dishes.

Candy apple

Halloween cannot be complete without giving out candy to children. So on the list of easy Halloween dishes, Candy is indispensable, especially apple candy. The apples dipped evenly in syrup or red sugar are beautiful and delicious. To make candy apples more eye-catching, don’t forget to decorate them with chocolate, peanuts, or brightly colored nuggets of candy.

Soul cake

This dish is used a lot on Halloween night. Soul cakes are cookies with raisins arranged in a cross shape on the top. To make a difference for the spooky night, the cake is decorated into many different shapes such as skulls, and other scary ghost images…

Barmbrack cake

Barmbrack originated from the Irish and became one of the traditional Halloween dishes cake. This dish is used for dessert because people use fruit peels and dried fruits as the main ingredients for Barnbrack.

A special feature of Barmbrack is that inside there are always hidden objects that predict the future. The three objects mixed in with the traditional barnbrack filling are a coin, a piece of cloth, and a ring. Coins are a symbol of financial luck. On the contrary, the cloth symbolizes financial difficulties. The ring brings predictions about the love life of the person who receives it.


Colcannon is a cake made from mashed potatoes that is indispensable in the traditional Irish Halloween. This is also one of the Halloween treats in many countries around the world. The cake is made from mashed potatoes, kale, salt, pepper… In addition, you need to add milk, cream, leeks, onions, or muscle meat to make the dish more rich and warm.

Spider web pumpkin soup

The familiar pumpkin soup in everyday meals is now transformed with many delicious and nutritious spices, imbued with Western identity. Pumpkin soups are also a traditional dish that is indispensable for Halloween dishes for party.

Grilled chicken in the dark

Just hearing the name is enough to see how special this dish is. It’s not “a bust” like everyone is thinking. The chef created the dark grilled chicken dish, replacing the golden powder layer of regular fried chicken with bamboo charcoal powder, creating a mysterious black color.

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